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Von: Gen. Umaru Wosha (Rtd) []
Gesendet: Freitag, 4. April 2003 14:36
Betreff: Please consider this

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It is with trust and confidence that I make this urgent business proposal to you because I have been very careful due to the sensitive nature of this transaction notwithstanding the present dishonesty that surrounds the world today.

I am Gen.Umaru Hassan one of the Special Advisers to the past Military Government of Gen. Sani Abacha. In this position, I was privileged to keep in my custody for the government the sum of Thirty Five Million Five Hundred Thousand U.S Dollars (US$35.500.000.00) only to the knowledge of the late head of state.

This money was diverted from the money, which United Nations released through the Nigerian government to ECOMOG (Peace-Keeping Forces) for its operations in Liberia and Sierra Leone. Suddenly the former head of state died on the 8th June 1998. Now that the former head of state abruptly died I have this money still under my control but kept in the custody of a Finance and Security Company/Firm in Oversea.

Due to restriction placed on me since the death of the former head of state, I cannot operate foreign account and cannot travel out of the country for contacts and evacuation and safe keeping of this money. Based on this, I need you as a partner whom I can entrust and channel this money for a proper investment and in a joint venture platform in your country. As soon as you contact me and we finalize, I shall fax you every document with which the consignment is deposited, and I shall link you up with the security company as well as the agent that is in charge of the consignment and who is going to assist you in paying the money into the account you will open when you travel.

Please be rest assured that the transaction is 100% risk free and must be treated with utmost confidentiality. Firstly 25% of the total sum has been mapped out for your assistance and also 25% for joint venture investment in your country while 50% will be kept in your account for my private use.

It is imperative to let you know that my aim of contacting you in this business is because of my personal love for your country as per investment, therefore, I will be relying on your advise as regards investment in a blue chip stock in your country. Could you please reply on receipt of this letter including your private Tel and fax numbers for easy communication. Regards

Fax: 234-1-759 3775.
Phone 234 8033211166

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