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Datum: Mi, 12. Mär 2003 22:43:09 Europe/Berlin
An: xxxxx@xxxxx.CH
Antwort an:

From: Mr. Muhammed Sule (II)

Attn: The Managing Director

I am the son of late Dr Akim F. Sule (I) a Sierra-Leonean businessman. My father was formally into importation and sale of medical equipment in my native country Sierra Leone. In January 1999 when the second civil war broke out in my country, his office and warehouse were burnt by the revolutionary united rebels, who invaded Freetown, we lost all our properties and assets. We were left with virtually nothing, except some money he had in the bank.

When the united nation sent in troops to quell the rebel's onslaught and there was a relative peace in Freetown, he returned to business, but this time he invested in mining of Diamond which abounds in our country. The returns he got from this business was quiet good and our live was gradually picking up again until late last year when the government banned private exportation of the diamond deposit and also called the united nations to ban the sale of Sierra Leonean Diamond at the international market.

The U.N obliged the government and it is now illegal to sell/buy Diamond emanating from my country.

Following this action, the government of my country clamped down on all businessmen who had made fortunes selling Diamond. Consequently, our newly acquired properties were seized and my father died due to heart attack. However, before my father's death he informed me of US$26.8M (Twenty Six million eight hundred thousand US Dollars) that he had secured out of the country through a very secret arranged channel. Now the money is in Europe under the custody of a (vault) security firm.

The help I am seeking now is some one who has the capabilities of receiving the $26,8M in his or her account, because I am on self exile in Switzerland from where I am trying to work out my traveling documents to enable me travel abroad. All you need to have is a letter from me empowering you as the recipient of this fund.

You will need to meet with an official of the finance firm who will process the fund into your account. Secondly, I would want you to help me get a permanent resident permit in your country.

For your efforts and the expenses that you may incurred, you will be entitled to an agreed percentage, but we shall have an agreement to the effect that you WILL NOT take or spend of the money until such a time when I am able to be with you.

Feel Free to call me on my vessell line 0041-79-5327492 for more detailed explaination of the mode of operation.

I look forth to your responses ASAP via email.

Best regards,

Mr. Muhammed Sule (II)


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