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Von: "dr paul" < >
Datum: Di, 19. Nov. 2002 00:03:51 Europe/Berlin
Betreff: matter of urgency !!!
Antwort an:

Union Bank of Nigeria Plc.
Lagos - Nigeria.


I am writing you this confidential letter irrespective of the fact that we have not met or known before or done anything in common but I want to be positive minded that in spite of all these, you will listen to my plead and give me a favourable answer.

A Foreigner, one Engineer Johnson Creek, oil Merchant and a good customer of our esteem bank Union Bank Plc. Is being detained since last year by the Nigerian Government authorities relating to Oil bunkering deals. Prior to his problem, Engr. Creek banked with us here at Union Bank of Nigeria Plc., Lagos, and had a closing balance of USD27.5M (twenty-seven Million, Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars).

Engr. Creek in confidence has mandated me to do everything within my capability to ensure his money is taken out immediately to avoid the Nigerian Government finding out and thereby confiscate the money.

Secondly, since he has been in problem, non-of his relations has appeared neither his wife. It is based on this situation that I am making this contact to you to be of assistance so that this money can be remitted into your account because my very self-do not have any offshore account in other to accommodate the fund. As a civil servant working under Federal laws, we are not permitted to operate foreign account especially somebody like me occupying sensitive position in the bank.

Consequently, Engr. Creek has given me mandate to conclude this matter and even negotiate on his behalf the percentage rate that will be offered to you for the assistance rendered. Therefore, you are to have 10% (negotiable) of this money for your assistance while the rest belongs to Engr. Creek. I am to take control of this fund on his behalf until his problem is resolved and possibly invest it in your country. All the same, you are being assured that this transaction will not involve any risk on your side or legal implication, as we will do all our best with your support to conclude the transaction in three weeks time and meet you in your country.

Finally, should you be willing to assist in this offer; get in touch with me on the above e-mail address for more classified detailed explanation regarding procedures as to how effectively the entire procedure will be like until this money is remitted to your bank and disbursement follows. However we wish you will not disappoint us or bring let down the type of bosom trust we intend to bestow on you, as we are very much keen in executing this project within the shortest period.

Please reply immediately on receipt of this letter and kindly maintain confidentiality.

Looking forward to hearing from you.




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