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Von: "E. Okoro Simpson " <>
Datum: Mi, 2. Apr 2003 09:56:16 Europe/Berlin

Dear Friend,

Greetings in the name of our Lord.
This letter may come to you as surprise due to the fact that we have not met before, but only hope it find's you and your business in the best of conditions.

Let me quickly introduce myself and the purpose of my contacting you.

My name is Moukapoo Savimbi,son of the late rebel leader,Mr.Jonas Savimbi of the popular ANGOLA UNITA MOVEMENT.

My father was killed on the 22nd of February,2002 while my mother CATARINA was injured and currently in hospital in Luena,capital of Moxico province in Angola and we the children are desperately looking for a trust worthy person to assist us in this confidential business.

The abstract of the business,is that my father deposited huge sums of money realised from the sales of diamond and other precious stones and metals in a security company in Europe and as a signatory to the deposit and financial confidante of my father,I was advised by my father's account officer to seek for a reliable and trustworthy person who can quietly secure the money amounting to US$28,500,000.00 (Twenty-eight million, five hundred thousand dollars) since we have been restricted from travelling out of our immediate localities.

My reason for seeking your assistance, primarily,is that the Angolan government cannot trace the money to an off-shore individual or corporate account especially when such a person bears neither blood nor financial relationship with us (Savimbi's).

After negotiations,I will give you a Power of attorney that will legitimately authorise you to get the consignment on behalf of my family,the personal identification number (Pin No:),the particulars of the finance and security company in Europe and our contact officer there to facilitate the clearance in of the consignment of funds.

Angola at the moment is very tense and unstable but I am presently living somewhere in the Southern Africa Border with my family and we have never experienced this financial difficulty presently facing us hence the need to secure the money through your assistance from the security company with the informations I will give to you as stated above and also with the assistance of my father's duty officer officer there,as we must secure what rightly belong to us with respect to the social cause that my father stood and died for.

As for your compensation or entitlements,we will have to negotiate in terms of percentage how much will accrue to you from the money deposited (US$28,500,000.00) which will be released to you and with the help of our link man (the Duty Officer) in the security firm. You can have the funds deposited into any account of your choice that is convenient or safe after your personal collection of the money,as far as you are able to guarantee us of it's safety and your transparent honesty.

Presently, we have applied for refugee status which may be granted in the on going peace process between UNITA and the Angola Government and you will be generously rewarded at the conclusion of the peace process by investing on behalf of the family in DIAMOND and other related businesses in the future where my father has already gained ground,if you assist us in securing the money quietly.

Please,let me know immediately your willingness to assist us through my e-mail address and provide me also with your phone & fax numbers,just in case the rare opportunity of calling long distance comes our way,as we are being denied such facilities as well.Our contact via the internet is strictly a prearranged privilege and not a right. You can also contact me through this email address : this is my pravite email.

Finally,I crave your indulgence to treat this correspondence confidentially in order not to compromise the safety of my family and myself.

Yours Sincerely

Moukapoo. Savimbi


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