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Dear Sir/Ma,

With due respect and humility I write you this letter with the belief that you would be very much obliged to assist us. Since we have no place or person to turn to for assistance, I feel it is very necessary to bring to your notice, the problem we are going through,now,I am very optimistic that you owe a moral obligation to look into our plight and come to our rescue, thus my writing to you.

I am MRS. ROSE SANKOH, the Wife of the late DR.FREDRICK SANKOH of the blessed memory. Prior to my husband's assasination by the Rebel forces loyal to Major John Paul Koromah, he was the Director General,National Gold and Diamond Mining Corporation in Sierra Leone.

Two days before my husband was assasinated,he instructed me and my children (Mr. Justin and Evelyn Sankoh) to move out of Sierra Leone immediately before the powerful Ecowas Mobilization Group (ECOMOG) forces intervened which eventually resulted into a brutal civil war. I and my children managed to escape to Johannesburg the Republic of South AFrica by ship through the help of my husband's friend who is a trawler. We came to Johannesburg with some valuables including a cash sum of $18.3m (EIGHTEEN MILLION, THREE HUNDREND THOUSAND UNITED STATES DOLLARS ONLY) in boxes which I deposited with a Security company here in Johannesburg , with my first son's name (Justin Sankoh).

For your information, we did not disclose the real contents of the boxes to the Security Company and we do not wish them to know this under any circumstances.Rather, we deposited the boxes as containing family valuables.

Meanwhile, I want to leave Johannesburg entirely with this money for investments in your country because of the unstable political situation in my country and mostly for the future of my children.

I want you to please assist us in claiming these boxes from the Security Company, deposited the funds in a local account here in your name and order the Bank to transfer the funds to your country.You should also source for good investments opportunity so that we can invest wisely in your country when the fund is finally confirmed in your account.

We have in mind to reward you handsomely for your assistance with at least 20% of the total sum. If there should be any incidental expenses on your side,an amount not exceeding 5%would be given to you an additional reward.Please as soon as I hear from you, I will forward my son's temporary telephone number in Johannesburg for you to speak with him immediately to enable us proceed in earnest towards retrieving the boxes and transferring of the funds into your account.There is no risk in this transaction since we are the bonafide owners of the valuables.

Please ensure that no one else knows about this money;it is only myself, my son and you that knows about it.

May God bless you as you assist us.

Yours sincerely,



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