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Datum: Mi, 09. Okt. 2002 04:16:37 Europe/Berlin
Antwort an:

Dear Partner,
In introduction, my name is Mrs.Nkechi Sankoh, a Sierra Leone and wife to Corporal FODAY SANKOH, who was the leader of the Revolutionary United Front of Sierrra Leone(RUF) and formely the Director of GOLD AND DIAMOND CORPORATION of Sierra Leone.
My Husband was arrested and is presently being detained by the Civilian Government of President Ahmed Tejan Kabbah, for the role he played during the regime of Major Paul Koromah, which resulted to war. I am using this medium to extend my investment intentions to you. There is in my husband's Offshore bank account US$39.975 Million (Thirty Nine Million and Nine hundred and seventy Five Thousand United States Dollars) which I want to use for trade or other Investment or good business one can do with this funds, I will be glad to get your reply urgently. I also assure you that before ever we start the business, I must ensure the successful transfer of the said US$39.975Million dollars to your account first just to assure you of my readiness to do genuine business with you.
The existence of this fortune which I have revealed to you is authentic and confidential. I decided to travel over to Madrid-Spain under a refugee status in serch of my husband's Investment Broker who leaves in the city. My husband is still in detention and may finally face public execution, please you are going to make residence arrangement for us in your country, hence we have considered it very unsafe to remain in Africa as we may be the Government next target. For your assistance to receive these funds in your account,I have the consent of my family and we have agreed to compensate you with reasonable amount of percentage for your involvement which I will acknowledge in writing through a formal agreement,including a share from profits which the money will generate in future from investment.
If my request of this business assistance makes sense to you, please respond urgently by e-mail so that I can give you detail of the Investment broker who may give you my husband's bank details and which you can reach on- line through the banks website for confirmation. It is for this reason that I am contacting you so you should please not feel embarrased receiving this mail from me. In conclusion, please bear in mind that you will be expected to include your private telephone and fax numbers in your reply mail. My contact telephone in Madrid-Spain is +34-6699 32341
Thanks and God Bless.
Mrs.Nkechi Sankoh.


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