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Von: "patrick omo oni" < >
Datum: So, 31. Mrz. 2002 10:34:54 Europe/Berlin
Betreff: Project
Antwort an: "patrick omo oni" < >

FROM: Dr Patrick Oni.
Federal Ministry ofWorks& Housing(FMW&H)

Dear friend,
I write you in the hope that you might be of help to me in a matter of urgency. For purpose of clarity, we are members of the special committee/panel for contract payment called the Contract Advisory Committee (CAC) vested with the authority to appraise and approve contracts for payment according to the priority of the Federal government of Nigeria. By virtue of our positions in the CAC, we have overtime been able to uncover several over-invoiced/over estimated contracts. And through careful manipulation of these documents, secured for ourselves the sum of US$16.5Million only, which we need your assistance to transfer into a safe offshore account. (Checking preferable). We need your assistance as the fund is secured in an escrow account of the Apex Bank of Nigeria specifically set aside for the settlement of outstanding payments to Foreign contractors. We are handicapped in the circumstances, as the Civil Service Code of Conduct does not allow us, SINCE WE ARE STILL IN ACTIVE GOVERNMENT SERVICE, to operate offshore accounts hence your importance in the whole transaction. Therefore, we want to utilize this opportunity, as a lot of foreign contractors will be paid in this fiscal year.

If you accept to help us in this endeavour, you will keep 25% of the funds, 70% shall be for us and 5% will be used to settle all expenditures on both sides (ours and yours)throughout this transaction including phone, hotel and travel expenses. As soon as the money gets to your account.
My colleagues and I would require your personal guarantee concerning the safe availability of our share on demand when you have received the funds. Note that if you follow our instructions regularly, we can conclude this transaction within the next 10-14 working days.

If you are willing to assist us in this endeavour , get back to me by email with a confidential phone/fax number at which you can be reached so that we can expedite action on this project.

Dr P. Oni.


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