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Von: "FRANK DURU" <>
Datum: Fr, 7. Mär 2003 19:19:46 Europe/Berlin
Antwort an:


Dear Friend,

This Assistance proposal to you is strictlynfi Codential, with due respect. Sorry at this Perceived confusion or stress you may have received this letter from me, since we have not known ourselvesor met previously. Despite that, I am constrained to write you this letter because of the urgency of it.

It is my pleasure to write and inform you, that you were chosen to act as next of Kin to LATE ENG.EDEN ANDREW WILSON. But berest assured that your contact particulars was given to me after a due search, for a reliable and capable foreigner that will handle confidentially a transfer of huge sum of money from UNION BANK NIGERIA PLC to a foreign bank account.

The deal in details: - a foreigner, LATE ENG.EDEN ANDREW WILSON was an oil merchant/contractor with the Federal Government of Nigeria and resides here in Nigeria not until his untimely death seven year ago in ghastly motor ccident.he had a deposit of (US$32,624,000.00) THIRTY TWO MILLION, SIX HUNDRED AND TWENTY- FOUR THOUSAND UNITED STATES DOLLARS, and here with the UNION BANK OF NIGERIA before his death in JULY 1997.

I am his accountant officer at the Union Bank, and till now nobody has serviced this account or shown up for his money since after his death till date. Although, efforts have been made by the bank managements to get in touch with his next of kin or any of his relations, but all to no avail (He had no wife or children).

ItŐs on this note some top officials of Union Bank,who are fully aware of his the incident resolved and asked me to find and negotiate with a trust worthy foreigner who is willing to assist, and act as the next of kin to the LATE ENG.EDEN ANDREW WILSON, this sum of money is now kept in the DECEASED ACCOUNT of the Union bank, please understand that this money (US$32,624,000.00)when transferred into your account will be used for a joint venture establishment, as may be agreed by both parties involved.

This transaction is 100% risk free, for we have concluded every arrangement to safeguard you in this transaction.

Therefore, if you wish to assist us, hasten up and send the following to enable us effectively process the necessary document for smooth transfer into your account, as to be nominated by you as the next of kin to LATE ENG.EDN ANDREW WILSON; you are urgently required to send to me.

The name to be used in changing the existing next of kin at the bank.

Your private telephone and fax number for fast and safer communication.

I know we have never met or entered into any kind of transaction with you before as to know the extent of your trust and honesty. But based on the recommendation, I personally want to believe that you will not sit on the money if it finally gets to your account.

It is on this note I consider it proper to write and ask for your consent, and permission to support the transfer into your account.

Please, for security reasons acknowledge the receipt of this latter by mailing back through my private e-mail address.

Await your urgent response.

Yours faithfully,



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