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Von: "NOSA" <>
Datum: Fr, 14. Mär 2003 09:17:53 Europe/Berlin
Antwort an: "NOSA"



Please, kindly call me MR NOSA for now, though this is not my complete name. I will give you my full name later. I am in a hide out now in BENIN REPUBLIC, a Country in West African. I have Large sum of money for INVESTMENT. The money is in Millions of U.S. dollars. I cannot move about freely now for reasons i will explain to you later. I need Your help urgently for both SAFE KEEPING and INVESTING this money in your country. You are one of the three email contacts given to me by a Cyber Cafe' operator on my request for a foreign contact. She did not tell me your name or country of origin. Though I did not tell her why I needed the contact of any foreigner.

Because of the urgent and confidential nature of this business, you are advised to keep everything secret for now. if you are interested in doing this business with me, kindly reply immediately on my email Address. After that, i will send you all the verifiable details about the business, my family, my name and telephone number. You may if you so wish call on my satellite phone: +88216-52002447

Thanks while waiting for your immediate reply.

MR NOSA(For the Family).


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