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Dear xxxxx,

Picture of Money I am sorry for the embarrassment this mail might cause you, as we have not met before. I am Barrister Chijioke Nneji, a solicitor at law, I am the personal attorney to Engineer Michael Schmidt, a national of your Country, who used to work with Shell Development Company in Nigeria. Hereinafter shall be referred to as my client.

On the 21st of April 1999, my client, his wife and their three children were involved in a car accident along Kano - Sokoto express Road while arriving from Easter Holiday to Warri Delta State. All occupant of the vehicle unfortunately lost their lives, since then I have made several enquiries to your Embassy to locate any of my clients extended relatives this has also proved unsuccessful. I have also visited your Country in search of his relatives but still could not locate his relations. I came across your name and contact, while I was searching for Michael's relations, but my search was unsuccessful, so I contact you for this project.

I am contacting you to assist in repatriating the money and properties left behind by my client before they get confiscated or declared unserviceable by the bank where these funds were deposited. Particularly, the Continental Bant Plc, were the deceased has an account valued $USD7.5Million Dollars, last year issued me a 12 months notice to provide the Next of Kin or have the fund consignment confiscated, and this altimatum expires by next month. Since I have been unsuccessful in locating the relatives for over two years now, I seek your consent to present you as the Next of Kin of the deceased since you have the same last name so that the proceed of this deposit valued at $USD7.5 Million Dollars can be released to you and then you and I can share the money, 50 - 50%.

Family Picture

Please, find in the attachment, picture of the funds as was taken by my client before it was deposited at the bank, because he made the money in one of the Oil deals he had with our Oil Minister. Also is the family picture of Mr. Michael. This is just to proof to you that my proposal is genuine. I also have all necessary legal documents that can be used to back up any claim we may make. All requires is your honest cooperation to enable us see this business successful. I guarantee that this will be executed under a legitimate arrangement that will protect you from any breach of the law. You can reach me through this phone number, 234 1 472 9820. Please, contact me strictly through this my personal email address,

Further details awaits your response. PLEASE, TREAT THIS PROPOSAL AS TOP SECRET. Let me know if you receive the pictures in the attachement, because I find it difficult attaching them.

Best Regards



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