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Datum: Di, 11. Mär 2003 06:18:44 Europe/Berlin
Betreff: Project Facilitation



First, I must solicit your understanding of this transaction and if the contents of this mail does meet with your business or personal ethics, I humbly crave your indulgence.

I am the CEO of the above mentioned company, I also recently retired as the director of finance of the Federal Ministry Of Power & Steel (FMP&S). During my tenure, I was in charge of the federal tenders board. The job of the federal tenders board was to access bids made to the FMP&S by foreign and local contractors for execution of contracts and recommend to the government which contractors are eligible for award. In the course of our work at the federal tenders board, we recieved a bid of (USD46.8M) from AV Engineering company from the Czech Republic for the refurbishing of the six thermal flow stations and the supply of 33 KV sub-stations for the river-rine areas of the country.

The bid was unsually low for the contract in question considering the other bids we had gone through. We then invited them for an appraisal of their bid. From their appraisal, it was clear that the contract could be executed by them based on their bid. We the three members of the tenders board agreed to recommend them for the award of the contract only if they increase thier bid to USD70M. The balance USD23.2M was to be paid to us after the execution of the contract for us. Not trusting the contractors to live up to their own part of the bargain, we established the above mentioned company (we the members of the federal tenders board are directors of the company )and had them sub-contract the USD23.2M to the company as a sub-contract of the original contract. The deed of sub-contract has been duly registered with the registrar of deeds at the federal high court of justice and copies circulated to the FMP&S, federal ministry of finance (FMF) and the central bank of Nigeria (CBN).

AV Engineering has executed the whole contract and have been duly paid off, leaving the balance USD23.2M. Considering the amount of the fund involved we cannot ask the CBN to pay directly into our local bank account as the bank regulatory bodies will want to know the directors of the company. Though I am retired, my other two partners are still under government employ, also taking into consideration the strict foreign currency laws of my country that does not encourage capital flight and the inherent instability of my country's polity. It is unwise to leave such a hugh amount lying dormant. I have therefore been mandated as a matter of trust by my partners to source for a business partner to whom we could transfer the sum of USD23.2M by drawing up a letter of domiciliation instructing the concerned government parastatals i.e the FMP&S, FMF and CBN to pay into the partner's account the contractual entitlement of USD23.2M. You will agree with me that a letter of domiciliation i! s an accepted form of doing busiess.

Should this transaction interest you, you are to contact me on my personal e-mail address, so that I can brief you fully and discuss your renumeration for this undertaking. All logistics are in place and all modalities worked out for the smooth conclusion of the transaction within the shortest possible time

It is pertinent to state here that a legally binding contract will be entered by all parties involved, this is to safeguard our mutual interests. Please acknowledge the receipt of this letter using my personal E-mail address.

Yours Faithfuly,

Dr. Zaheer Morgan


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