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Datum: So, 06. Aug. 2000 22:15:24 Europe/Berlin
Antwort an:

Good day,

Am SARAH MONTGOMERY widow to late HAKEEM BABA MONTGOMERY from sierra-leone one of the formal director general in charge of the national sales of diamonds(DIAMOND RESERVE).Please I don't know any other fast medium I can use in reaching you,that is why I chose to write you this my BUSINESS PROPOSAL by emailing you personally.And from the information I garthered about your good self have assured me your being reliable,trust worthy and confident to accommodate this business interest.

The management of a SECURITY AND TRUST COMPANY Cotonou Republic of Benin handling the transaction involving the funds of my late husband presently with a FUNDS MANAGER COMPANY IN UK as finally agreed to released to me information and instruct the funds manager company to release the funds if only am able to present a nominated foreign investor manager that will meet with management of the fund manager company in UK regards to sign and claiming the funds into an account foronward wire transfer to the investor account.

The amount involved that is now secretly secured into two consignments in the security company Deposit house vault for safe keeping is USD$15.2 million. (fifteen point two million united states dollars)all in liquid cash.

Please with good understanding and with my present situation as some one with refuge statute,I will plead with you to stand for me as the needed foreign investor manager that if I nominatd you and give you the necessary mandate and power of attorney and help sign and fill all necessary documents regards to the successful claiming of the consignments containing the funds from the custody of the funds manager company in UK into a commercial bank account and for onward electronic wire transfer to an account you will set up in your country.And we intend to use this funds for investment purpose in your country to enable me and my family start up a new life all over again.

Please I don't know how to explain the situation to you better than this now.What WE feel if you will be able to work thing out with us,I will then forwards to you useful information and documents regards the said funds WILL to us presently in the deposit house vault and work out a percentage that will be your share of the total sum standing for us and going down to London UK as the foreign investor manager.

Please your positive reply will be highly appreciative on receipt of this mail and if you really mean to help, reach me or my step SON on this phone no:00229-98-16-25 and email:

Thanks and stay blessed,



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