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Subject: From Duke Mobutu

Dear xxxxx xxxxx,

I am Duke Nzanga Mobutu Sese Seko. We are presently political refugees (attached is my Economic Community of West African States-ECOWAS refugee passport)and i live in Accra-Ghana where i am the guest of my host government. My father was the president of my country (Zaire now DRC)for three decades until he was ousted by the rebellion of Laurent Kabila.

The funds we speakis US$30million(see attachment)and we packaged and kept the funds in the vault of the security company in the Netherlands, this was immediately after we hurriedly left our country. Our ultimate goal is to invest the money in real estate business and other viable investments that is why we are ready and interested in investing the funds in the USA.

The present government of my country is unaware of this money, if not they would have confiscated it. hence you see the reason why confidentiality is necessary in ensuring a smooth completion of this transaction.

Furtherance to this we seek your assistance to travel down to Amsterdam and take ownership of the consignment containing the money, open an account in Amsterdam lodge the funds in and subsequently transfer in bits to your valid account in your country of abode.

After this is done we will now start the investment process you have written to me about. I will await your call

Duke Nzanga Mobutu
+871 762923050


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