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Von: Dr.david Metele <>
Datum: Di, 18. Feb 2003 20:21:22 Europe/Berlin
Betreff: Treat as Urgent

FROM: Dr. David Metele
London England


Firstly, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Dr. David Metele . I am an accountant and the Project Director employed by the South African Ministry of Energy & Mineral Resources recently transferred to the South African Foreign Credit Office (SAFCO) in London with the responsibility of auditing the South African Government Foreign Reverse account

The reason I am now writing to you is because a contract performed for the South African government by a foreign company between 1994-1996 which has long been invoiced was recently reviewed by the Chief Accountant-General's office, where it was discovered that the original invoice of US$9,500,000,00 (Nine Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) has been inflated to US$39,500,000,00 (Thirty Nine Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars. Further investigations into government accounts by the chief Accountant-General and my department revealed that the actual supply invoice of USD 9.5 Million has been paid to the original contractors but the outstanding inflated amount of USD30 Million has also been approved for release by the chief Accountant-General. The sum has however not been collected as the original contractors were unaware of the inflated sum.

In accordance with this current administration's Contractual Payment Laws, all foreign contract payments go through the (SAFCO) in London where I have been transferred to work with the audit director. Presently, this inflated amount of USD$30 Million is floating in the government Federal Reserve offshore accounts awaiting claim. We are three top ministry officials who know about this transaction. All we now need therefore is a foreign partner whom we will use to front the unclaimed sum of money.

We cannot collect this money by ourselves due to our position as high-ranking Government employees working outside South Africa. The South African Civil Service Code of Practice forbids all employees working in (SAFCO) from operating foreign or offshore accounts. This condition is presently stamped on our passport. This is why we need your assistance to provide an offshore account of your choice where we can transfer these funds.

Finally, I have been asked to inform you that after we successfully transfer the money into your account, we would like to invest our own share of the money in any business venture that you deem profitable in the stable economy of your country with your help. I have also been instructed to state what you stand to benefit should you be interested to assist in completing this business simply by letting this funds be transferred into your account by acting as the foreign contractor. For your effort and assistance, you will be compensated with 30% of the total sum, 60% for my partners and me while 10% has been earmarked for any eventual expenses. We will provide you with more details when you signal your acceptance of our proposal.

Thank you for your anticipated co-operation.

Note: It is of the utmost importance that this matter be kept confidential and top secret. Please do not contact me if you do not want to participate to see through this transactions with us. Endeavour to destroy this piece of documentation immediately if you cannot help us.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. David Metele

NB:Please send all correspondence to my private email.


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