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Date: 18.11.02 06:55:26

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I know you must be wondering how I came about your email address. It was while searching for investment opportunities on the internet that I came accross your address.

I am Mr.Kunle Martins, the district Bank Manager, Eastern Zone of the United Bank For Africa Plc.I am 47 years old,married and blessed with four children. I am also a man of high repute and command a lot of respect amongst my colleagues in the banking industry.

I have a proposal that might interest you.While going through some files at the bank, I discovered an account belonging to an expatriate, Mr. Andreas .B. Smith,a Chemical Engineer by profession and the Managing Director of Petro-Technical Support Services,which has been lying dormant for the past eleven years.On further personal investigation, I found out that the said Mr. Andreas died about eleven years ago and since then nobody has come up as a benefficiary to the money in the account.I equally found out that the company (Petro-Technical Support Services) is not aware of the existense of this account. This account is credited with One Hundred And Fifty eight million Nine Hundred and Forty Eight Thousand Five Hundred US Dollars($158,948,500.00) which might be forfeited to the bank anytime it is discovered that the owner of the account is late. This is where you come into the picture. I need a foriegner I can trust who will help me transfer this money out of the country as the money is in US Dollars and can only be remitted to a foriegner's account overseas ie the bank will only remit this money to an expatriate who supplies all the account information of Mr. Andreas,which I am in the position to give you. I want you to be rest assured that all modalities to ensure a hitch-free transfer has been taken care of.If you abide by my instructions, we would effect the transfer in just a few banking days.I will use my influence to get the legal approvals of the bank, ministries and the foriegn exchange departments involved.I also want to assure you that I will make sure that no traces will be left linking you to this transfer at the end. However, you have to give me strong assurances about the safety of the money when it hits your account.I hope you are not going to disappoint me.Are you capable of handling the transaction ? If you can, then urgently reply so that I will now advice you on what to do. Your reply will now either encourage me to work with you or to look for some other person with whom I shall transact this business. If you can, I would appreciate it if you come over to my country, Nigeria for on the spot handling of this transaction.

Soon after the transfer is effected I would travel to your country for sharing.This is how I propose we share the money; 70% for me, 25% for you and the remaining 5% would be set aside to defray any expenses to be incurred by either party in the course of this transaction.

Meanwhile, you can call me on my personal telephone number:234-80-33152366 for better familiality and clarifications.Also send to me your private telephone numbers for prompt communication.

I await your call asap.

Best Regards,



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