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Mrs Mabel Mamumbi []

TEL: 0022507822694


I am Mrs. Mabel Mamumbi from Congo Kinshasa. I am a widow with a chronic renal insufficiency case, a kidney disease and I am presently putting up in a guest house with my son here in Abidjan Cote D'Ivoire.

I want to inform you of an urgent assistance I need from you and if you can not assist fully, I will like you to please source a trustworthy person to receive a certain deposit I inherited from my late husband for an investment.

My late husband deposited a huge sum of money with a local bank here in Abidjan Cote D'Ivoire before his death while in service as a general in the Army in my home country, but before his death, he handed me over all the documents relating to the deposit in the bank and asked me to leave for Abidjan and arrange with a foreign partner to invest the money so that my children could have a better education and a good life.

Consequently, I and my son Diallo has come to this place and have located the bank and all modalities have been put in place to transfer this money abroad. I therefore want to use you as my late husband«s foreign partner to receive this money into your account or to whom you may recommend for the investment so that my son can continue his education while I am properly administered medically abroad.

Meanwhile, I will like you to urgently indicate your willingness and interest to receive this fund so that we can instruct the bank to contact you directly for the fund transfer to your account in your country. Also let us have your private telephone and fax so that I can fax you the related documents and lodgement reciept of the deposit with the bank for your perusals and confirmation.

Because of my ill health, I am mostly bedridden in the hospital on renal dialysis, this is a system of artificially doing/performing the functions of the kidneys. By this, the excess toxic waste products in my blood are washed out. So in case you call, feel free to speak with my son Diallo on telephone number 0022507822694. He also has the details of what I have briefed you.

I will like you to reply or call me immediately so that I can detail you accordingly concerning this and the next step to take, please note that you will be compensated accordingly for assisting me and my son to successfully transfer this money out of this country for the investment in your country.

Hope to hearing from you urgently.

Sincerely yours,

Mrs. Mabel Mamumbi/Diallo Mamumbi


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