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Subject: Confidential proposal/urgent response required
Date: Thu, 27 Feb 2003 05:14:48 -0800
From: lamine mbaye <>

Compliment of the season to might be surprise where l got your contact.l got your contact in cause of a seriouse search for a reliable foreign partner. which really made me to contact you for assitance.I am President.Jonathan Lamine Lash.The well known president of world resources lnstitude oil company in Gabon.Ėnd with me is my partinership executive director well known as Dr Mattew Arnold.A ship from my company in gabon deliverd oil to Eloton company in dakar senegal. That worth(us$650.000.000)six hundred and fifty willion us dollars.That is ..10. TONES.of oil in our ship.

Now we deliverd all the oil to the elton company in senegal.After the sales.We discoverd the sum of (us$11.200.000)profit.As the President in charge of the marketing account in dakar senegal l have delivered the real sum of(us$650.000.000)in to the world resources lnstutude account in Gabon.And now it remains the profit of (us$11.200.000)us dollars.ln which myself as the president and my partner whom is the executive director have dicided to transfer this money into a foreign account.And l want you to know that if you can do this business with me perfectly.You would be entitled to 15% of the total money.

Please kindly communicate your acceptance of this proposal through this my e-mail address so that we can discuss the modalities of seeing this Business through.I count on your greately assistance.I Await your earnest response.
Regards From,
Jonathan Lamine Lash.

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