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Gesendet: Sonntag, 2. März 2003 05:08



My name is MR. FRANK KUMHALO, from the Republic of Zimbabwe, Southern Region of Africa. I got your contact information from the World Trade Journals here in South African Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

I was a member of the MOVEMENT FOR DEMOCRATIC CHANGE (M.D.C) in Zimbabwe and my party was opposed to the ZANU-PF party of the incumbent president, Robert Mugabe. I went into partnership with a British white farmer and businessman and as we progressed, I bought his political ideas and philosophies which made me to join his party-M.D.C of which he was a top member. We controlled the greater portion of the white dominated farms and mining sites and were also, major shareholders in most companies in Zimbabwe. The Mugabe government and his associates were not tolerant to the activities of the M.D.C and as a result, he started using indirect gorilla war tactics to oppress all members of the DEMOCRATIC CHANGE.

Sometime in late April 2001, Zimbabwe war veterans invaded our farms and confiscated some of our assets and held us hostage. I managed to escape from their brutal and inhumane torture due to my black status but unfortunately, my business partner who was already aged could not withstand the torture. He died struggling. May his good soul rest in perfect peace. Amen!

According to the "WILL" he wrote earlier, that is, before the revolution, he stated that if anything should happen to him in this Mugabe chaos, I should sell-off all our assets which include farms, mining sites, estates and companies. He stated finally that I should take care of his family and ensure that they relocate safely overseas and most importantly, invest properly the money realised from the disposed properties on a lucrative business venture outside Zimbabwe.

I have successfully sold-off the remaining portions of our assets, after which, me and my late partners family managed to sneak into Johannesburg, Republic of South Africa where we granted refugee status by the Department of Home Affairs. The net total sum of money realised from the sale of our possession amount to US$12.5million(Twelve Million, Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars). This money was successfully transferred to South Africa through the border but with the help of a friend who was an immigration officer. As refugees, we are not authorised to open any form of bank account, hence, I secured the money in a secret vault of a private security company here in Johannesburg. The security company does not know the actual content of the box deposited with them because I declared the content to be family treasures and land documents.

All that I am demanding from you as international investor, is to make an urgent arrangement and come to South Africa, so that you open a non-resident account which will aide us in transferring the money into your nominated bank account overseas for onward investment purposes. This transaction is 100% risk-free because my lawyer and one senior bank director of a prime local commercial here in Johannesburg have orchestrated this transaction so carefully that there will be no risk involvement. I have concluded to offer you 20% of the total money for your assistance and 5% of it has been set aside to cover all expenses you will incur in the course of transferring this money, while the rest will be for our investments which we are going to rely on you to help us materialize.

Kindly contact me on the above contact details should this proposal happen to meet your utmost considerations, bearing in mind that this transaction should be treated with absolute confidentiality.

My sincere regards,


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