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Datum: Mon, 9 Dec 2002 11:35:48 -0800 (PST)
Von: koroma chistopher < >

Dear xxxxx xxxxx,

I wish to use this medium to introduce myself to you.I am Christopher Williams Koroma the son of late Chief Paul Williams Koroma who was the paramount Chief of Danta diamond mines during president Tijan Kabbah government.During the fighting between the rebels R.U.F.)and Tijan Kabbah's government.My father was killed by the rebels because he was a special loyalist to President Tijan Kabbah and was also accaused of embeselment and misapropriate of funds.My father was shot and was taken to the hospital.Before his death,my father lodged a huge amount of money in a security company here in Ghana(West Africa)Were we are currently seeking political asylum.

Presently,I am seeking for a bussines associate and most especially a God fearing person who will serve as the guidain of this funds with whom i can plan the best way to move the money for investment purposes,of which is my motive of contacting you.I am very much intersted in investing in any area of investment,so far as it yields mutual benefits and income at any were you feel that will be condusive with your assistance.Having stated the above things clearly,I expect to recieve your response soonest as i do not intend to delay this transaction.

Based on recomendations i recieved from a reliable source whom i met at the Ghana exports promotions.Who recomended you as a reputable and trustworthy person whom i can deal with and to be able to handle this volume of transaction.Anyway,I told her my intentions of doing buissines in the overseas althogh i did not disclose to her the nature and strengh of the bussines.I am counting on you to guide me through all necesary protocols in establihment and at the same time wish to go into partnership with you.I have a substential amaount of "THIRTY FIVE MILLION US DOLLARS ($35,000,000)"which my father left in my possesion before he died.I will be very gratefull if you can assist me invest this money in your country.

My family and myself have decided to part with 15% to you in keeping and investing this fund.Be rest assured that this transaction is risk free.I also advice you to keep this information a top secret and do not under estimate my request.I expect your immediate call as soon as you recieve this message.on telephone number 00-233-24201671.

The entire relevant documents covering this fund is in my possesion.

Thanks and God bless,
Your's truly



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