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Datum: Mi, 07. Nov. 2001 02:15:48 Europe/Berlin

Dear xxxxx,

I am Mr. Thomas Konare , the first son of the former Zaire Defence Adviser to late President Mobutu sese- seko, former ruler of my Country Zaire (which has been renamed the Democratic Republic of Congo ). My father was ambushed and killed by the rebel militia Revolutionry front on his way to collect proceeds from the sales of Diamond from the Diamond mine site in Zaire that was directly under his supervisions.Your contact reached us through a friend of my late father , Late Mr. Roberto Cicio ,an Italy consultant , who was a victim of the milan plane collusion (crash) on 8th of this month at the milan airport in Italy ,that claimed up to 118 lives.

I was the custodian of some of my mother`s financial dealings after the sudden death of my father . As a result of current wave of probe on past government office holders by the new Government ,headed by president by Joseph Kabila the son to late President Laurent Kabila the immediate past ruler of Democratic Repblic of Congo , all my father`s account locally and foreign have been frozen and all his properties confiscated for accuse of embezzlement of funds , as a matter of fact , my father was directly incharge of negotiation, payment and finally purchase of Amunitions to fight the rebel minitia revlouational front and made payment to the amunition suppliers in cash.

This might sound strange to you but please bear in mind that our predicament has made so that I contact you at once because we need the your assistance or a trustworthy personality(if cannot handle it alone) in your country whom you can collaborate with in order to claim a huge amount of money already stashed away to an Oversea Security and Finance Firm abroad by my mother, who is presently very sick now because she has a partial Stroke.

However, the security company is not aware of the content of these boxes except an officer in the security company whom through his professional advice we were able to move this fund through a diplomatic channel in boxes in disguise as personal valuables. Only an oversea TRUSTEE from your country can claim this money (consignments) whom we will release the CODES on time of deposit and cannot be claim by anybody with the name Konare. For security reasons I cannot disclose the country where the fund is , though I will explain further details upon your response.

What I need from you is name,address and the account particulars. There is no risk whatsoever and we are willing to give a good percentage to you, for your kind assistance. Your terms, advise and suggestion that would benefit the family investing this money should be stated. In your reply indicate your private telephone and fax number for further correspondent, as you cannot contact us now becasue our telephone line have been bugged and we are under surveillance by the new government . In addition, may I once again at this point express the level of confidentiality which this transaction demands considering the present precarious condition of my family. Please I count on you . Awaiting your urgent response so that I can know the next step to take.My alternative e-mail address is- .

Best regards

Thomas Konare


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