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From: TOMA KOKI []
Sent: Saturday, March 22, 2003 15:15
Importance: High

Dear Sir,

I know that this letter may not come to you as a Surprise, since your organization is so well Advertised. However, I am writing based on the Prevailing information I gathered about your company In the line of my job. I have confidence that you are Able to execute this business with me to our mutual Benefit. I am also of the believe that you will not let down the trust and confidence that I am here prepared to repose on you.

I work with a Public Relations Company "ABP CONSULT" based in ACCRA-GHANA, as the companies Corporate Affairs manager. Sometime between the 17th. -19th. Of dec, 2002, a business seminar was held at BOUAKE, COTE D'IVOIRE that I attended. While In the seminar, I was opportune to meet Alhaji A.U. Bostra, the President of MERIPUL FARMS.
Alhaji Bostra is an accomplished millionaire farmer From this part of the world. He is an accomplished Agriculturalist who specializes in cattle Farming, and other diary products. With farms in Several other parts of the West African Sub-region,Alhaji Bostra is one of the greatest Suppliers Of cattle, beef and other dairy products in Africa.

On getting to know my profession, Alhaji Bostra took Some interest in me and even felt at liberty to speak Out to me on certain issues within my area of Work. Infact he took me into confidence. He went on to Relate to me the huge sums of money he spends on the Purchase of a certain, very important drug for his Cattle. He informed me that he spent about US$10,200 for the purchase of one carton of the drug, And that he often requires about 400 cartons for each Purchase. He informed me that he was only asking me to Find out if my organization could source out for him A cheaper supplier considering the recent trend of Events in the world market which is affecting his Business.
Back in my office, I discussed the business proposal With my boss and he decided to handle the supply By himself. We carried out market research and Discovered that we could purchase the cattle medicine Cheaper in Germany/Holland for US$4,500. Per carton. We Then made a proposal to MERIPUL FARMS to make the Supply to him at US$11,800 per carton, which he Happily Accepted.

Owing to my role in the whole arrangement, I Had an initial agreement with my director to receive 15% of whatever gains that accrues from each supply.

But on the 21st.of Dec 2002, when the first supply of 120 cartons were made to MERIPUL FARMS, my director Decided to renegade on our agreement. He refused to Give me anything near to what we had agreed, he only Gave me what he called a token of appreciation. When I protested this, he threatened to dismiss me From work. I decided to overlook this betrayal of Confidence, but after then our relationship ceased to Be cordial.

He never said anything to me about further supplies To MERIPULFARMS and I thus assumed that the Business relationship had discontinued. Towards the End of last month, I intercepted mails from Alhaji Bostra to my director. I was shocked to discover that he had since made two further supplies to Alhaji Bostra which I knew nothing about. I considered this Very unfair of my boss. More so, MERIPULFARMS was then Requesting for another supply of 1000 cartons of this Medicine following a suspected outbreak of disease Among his cattle in Mali. He requested that the Medicine be supplied as soon as possible. The letters Have not up till date reached my director, and they Never will. Instead I called Alhaji Bostra and Convinced him that I will arrange for the supply of The medicine at the price of US$8,400. Per carton.

At the moment Alhaji Bostra is waiting for me or my Foreign contact as he has agreed to stop All further dealings with my director. And Alhaji Bostra will pay 50% upfront advance fee for the Supply. If you can handle this project, please contact MeImmediately with my e-mail address or call me on phone for further Details on how to go about it and negotiations on what Is to be my commission.

Please note, that your area of Business or profession, does not relay matter to this Regard.

Thank you and best regards,

Prince Toma Koki.

Note: Alhaji Bostra must never know that our purchase Source, is Germany or Holland If not, he will not be in need of our Services anymore.


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