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From: "From Prof Harry Kessan" <>
To: <>
Sent: Saturday, February 22, 2003 4:53 PM
Subject: Business Reply Mail

From: The Desk Of Mr Harry Kessan,
Investments And Portfolio Managment,
Royal Accounting And Trust LLC,
Taipei,Taiwan.Dear Sir/Madam,

I am the exparte director heading Investments andPortfolio Management in the above-mentioned firm in Taipei.
I am contacting you in view of an urgent assistance to carryout a pending transaction, which will develop acordial business relationship between you and me.
One of my clients whom i have personally managed his portfolio for 10years now was a victim of a fatal car crash.
His name is Late Mr Saud Ed Abad AlKharj . His was survived by a fiancée and a two-year-old son from her as they intended getting married but where trying to be cautious because of Islamic law attitude adultery.
This were his only family and no next of kin, as he was the only child of Late Sheikh Hamza Al Kharj Al Faisal, who received royalties from the Kuwaiti Government on one of his fields which oil was discovered and subsequently explored (the Al JazriahOil Field).
All subsequent investigation to find a next of kin wasprivately conducted by me and was futile.
It is at this juncture that i and other officials managing his portfolio and 2 bank managers where hehad his accounts now decided to make this proposal andtransfer ownership of the portfolio to an agreeing party as beneficiary to the portfolio of the deceased.
The reason why ownership cannot be transferred to hiswife to be and only son is that Islamic law will notrecognize such and if an attempt is made on that itmay put her in trouble with the authorities for giving birth outside marriage.So we have decided to help her by making this proposaland making sure she gets a substantial part of Late MrSaud Alkharj property for her and her son. You must be asking where i got your mail address, it was made available to me by a junior director Mrs Fatima Abdul incharge of customer services on request for contacts for investment expansion for a client butshe is not aware of this contact.
All records and accounts regarding the assets ofdeceased were managed by me for 10years running,if youare interested to assist us, all i will do is to incorporate in the old records recognizing you as theonly beneficiary. The banking law here stipulates that if such portfolio remain unclaimed after four years it will go to thepublic department.
The need for a foreigner as beneficiary is occasioned by the fact that the deceased was not permanentlyresident in Taiwan.
For your assistance we made up of me, 2 senior directors in my firm and 2 bank managers in banks which the Kuwaiti Government pay royalties accruing to the deceased have agreed in fairness to make available25% of all bank funds cleared and 15% of the royalties which you will continue to receive on behalf of the deceased as sole beneficiary every year. However we do not intend to share any interest with you as far as the estates and property are concerned,as they will be going to the surviving wife and child.If you are okay with the above explanations, you may reply us including all your contact telephone and fax numbers so that we may confirm your genuiness,after which we will make more information available to you on how we will proceed.
I must further assure you that this transaction is 100% legitimate and the modalities for thistransaction is being handled by top executives which assure a risk free transaction.
Send all correspondence to my mailing address at
Kindly visit my firm's website at
We await your timely response.

Best Regards

Mr Harry Kessan


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