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Von: "doctor_kamala" <>
Datum: Fr, 14. Mär 2003 11:24:06 Europe/Berlin
An: "doctor_kamala"
Betreff: Hello

Dear Friend,

I am Dr.Anthony Kamala. I am a Medical Doctor, A Kenyan man by Nationality,but I work here in Nigeria as a Specialist Medical Doctor to the Governor of Lagos State, Nigeria.

I am the Senior Doctor to (G.S.H.O.N) the Government Specialist Hospital of Nigeria.

I have a case of a Man who had an accident and was rushed to the Hospital by some good Samaritans. My self and some other Specialist Doctors working under me tried all we could, but unfortunately the Man died. Before he died I discovered a small box with him, I opened the box and found out so many Documents in it, I then realize that he is a German Man who only came into Nigeria for business, but unfortunately he died.

The other documents inside his box are documents with which he used in depositing the sum of US$18Million Dollars to with a Security Company Here in Nigeria,including the picture of the money in the box with which it was used to be deposited with the Diplomatic Security Company. but unfortunately he died and left all these.

I have tried all I could to reach any of his family members, but I couldn't get any one from his family,he is single and not married,so his status really made it difficult for me to get any of his relatives.

With my position as the Specialist Doctor to the Governor, and as the Senior Doctor in the (G.S.H.O.N).Government Specialist Hospital Of Nigeria. I wont be able to act as the next of kin to the consignment and clear the consignment(THE FUND).

This is why I here by solicit your assistance to act as the next of kin in the collection of this FUND from the Security Company. I shall provide you with the necessary documents for the collection of the FUND. If you can assist in this transaction, I shall give you 15% of the Fund as your share and for your assistance in this transaction. 80% of the FUND shall be mine, and We (You and me) shall both invest the remaining 5% for the settlement of any expenditure that was been made during this transaction.

If you are interested and can assist in this transaction, Please reply immediately, so that we can move forward in this Transaction. Please it is very, very Confidential.

Best Regards,

Dr. Anthony Kamala

N:B:Please Do reply to my private email

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