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From: claudio kabilla []
Sent: Saturday, November 09, 2002 9:50 PM
Subject: Please Kindly Assist


It is with heart full of hope that I write to seek your help in the context below. I am Mr. claudio Kabila, the second son of the late Laurent Kabila Former President of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) whose sudden death occurred January 2001. Having gotten your particulars from my countries chamber of commerce/information centre, I have no doubt to your capacity and goodwill to assist me in receiving into your custody (for safety) the sum of US$36 million willed and deposited in the favor of myself and my mother who is the second wife of the late president.

This money is currently kept in a trust deposit vault with a Finance and Security company. However, the new Government headed by my step brother Joseph has on assumption of office setup an enquiry to recover all the assets belonging to my late dad including cash and properties with the pretence of safe-keepings, but with actual intention of personal inheritance. All this because we are from a polygamous family. The investigation teams have submitted their report; presently some cash and assets have been seized.

Fortunately, I managed to escape from the country, and with the help of a lawyer, I am presently leaving as a refuge here until I succeed in this transfer transaction and due to the situation of things the lawyer has strictly advised that the willed money be urgently moved into an over-seas account of a trusted Foreign family friend without delay for security reasons. I expect you to be trustworthy and kind enough to respond to this call (S.O.S) to save me and my entire family from a hopeless future.

I hereby agree to compensate your sincere effort in this regard with 20% of the fund, when finally received in your local Bank account. The attorneys here have perfected arrangements with the security company to effect complete dislodgement of this money within a week of the receipt of your response ,They have equally guaranteed 100% risk free and smooth transfer. Looking Forward to your quick response.

May God bless you.

Best Wishes
Mr. Claudio Kabila.


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