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From: "ado jose" < >
Date: Tue, 22 Oct 2002 18:28:37 -0500
Subject: Urgent & confidential

Dear xxxxx

I am delighted to write this letter to you, though itmay look embarrassing reading from someone you don?tknow for the first time. I pray that our knowing each other will be a thing of joy in the shortest possible time .I am SENATOR ADO JOSE chairman, Senate Committee on Petroleum matters. We are charged with the duty to peruse, verify and recommend to the National Assembly the financial depth of all importations of finished petroleum products into the country since inception of this new administration.
In the process of auditingthe N.N.P.C books on whose shoulder lies the buying and distribution of finished products. It was discovered that some volume of petroleum products (AVTUR / JET A-1) were imported into this country between 5th / 6th December 2000 and 10th January 2001 which was dully discharged and certified for payment, and payment was dully effected. CONTRACT NOS = TTFX5P0021, and TTFX5P0022 .INVOICE NOS = 90056819, and 90056820 Note that when this agreement were sealed between the N.N.P.C. Nigeria and Shell Barbados, the amount of this said contract were over invoiced to the tune of $27.3 million dollars. The over invoiced amount was approved along side with the principal amount. The amount of $ 27.3 million dollars has been revolving for benefit to few staff of the N.N.P.C to pluck the banking interest off such huge amount in a bank abroad. On discovering this deal, few staff and I have mutually agreed to finally siphon this fund into the account of a trustworthy individual abroad as some of us intend to use it for the forth coming general elections in Nigeria by the year 2003. Though credibility has been established between both co-operations, but this arrangement is based on absolute trust and confidentiality considering our position as government officials in active service. We want you to personally safeguard this fund till the 2003 elections comes. I will therefore direct you to my lawyer as soon as I get a favorable response from you. Be rest assured that every diplomatic arrangement would be put in place to move this fund into your designated bank account hitch free. Please we demand that you protect our reputation and interest in this project.
While we thank you in anticipation for your support and also pledge to always exceed your expectations of us. Your telefax nos would also be needed to enable my lawyer proceed on this transaction with you while in our subsequent correspondence parts to be handled would be spelt out individually.




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