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From: Fred johnson []
Sent: Tuesday, October 22, 2002 23:35


I am Fred Johnson, Bank manager of First National bank, South Africa; and for reasons which will become obvious to you as read on, I obtained your address particulars from an Internet address listing. Please exercise some patience and read through my message. You can reach me immediately on my private email address ( I have a very urgent and confidential business proposition for you. On June 6th 1997, a Gold Consultant/Contractor with the South African National Gold Corporation, Mr. Ahmed Youseff Mustafa , a national of Iraq, made a numbered time ( fixed) deposit for 12 calendar months, value USD52,000,000.00 (FIFTY TWO MILION DOLLAS) in my branch.

On maturity, we sent a routine notification to his forwarding address but got no reply. After a month, we sent a reminder and finally, his contract employers, the South African National Gold Corporation wrote to inform us that Mr. A Y Mustafa died from an automobile accident; that he died without making a WILL, and all attempts to trace his next of kin through the Iraqi embassy were fruitless. At first I was surprised that I did not receive much official cooperation in my inquiries in order to trace his kin in Iraq, and inform them about Mr. Mustafa?s deposit of USD52m plus accrued interest. I therefore made further investigations and discovered that Mr. Mustafa had actively opposed the Government of President Saddam Hussein of Iraq, and was consequently driven into exile. Being an minning Expert,he subsequently obtained a job with the South Africa Gold Coporation, and settled in South Africa. Thereafter, he walked into my Office to make the aforementioned deposit of USD52m. He did not declare any kin in his application paperwork, contrary to laid down procedures, and when I asked him he informed me that he wished it so. I accepted his application because banks are conservative and will always honour a customer?s wishes, especially high networth customers. No one knows the source of his money because apparently the time frame of his employment with the ASGC does indeed preclude such a large amount of money. It can be assumed that he brought his money over from Iraq, but that is open to speculation. However, the point is that his employers are not aware of this money , and therefore it can be safely assumed that no one will ever come forward to claim this money. This money total USD52m ( inclusive of accrued interests) is still sitting in my Bank in the Dormant Account Portfolio. No one will ever come forward to claim it now, and according to South African law, after 5 years, the money will automatically revert to the Federal Government Treasury if the Account owner is a foreigner, is certified dead , and there is no valid claim. This indeed, is the situation. My proposal therefore is that I am looking for a foreigner who will stand in as the next of kin to Mr. Mustafa. It is not necessary to be a blood relation to Mr. Mustafa, nor have the same name. It is not also necessary to come from the same Country. I have worked out the modalities to achieve my aim of appointing a next of kin, and therefore also by this means transfer this money total USD52m abroad for us to share.
The method of achieving the objective of transferring this money abroad in a completely legal and proper way is simple. I intend to use a n Attorney ( representing you as BENEFICIARY) to execute a series of affidavits in support of your claim. These will be approved.
The money transfer paperwork itself will include a certificate of origin so that the receiving bank does not ask questions or refuse the money as money laundering. Also, the paperwork will include proper certification that the funds being transferred are from non criminal sources. In short this will be a proper and legal money transfer and there is no risk!
I will have to process the initial paperwork to obtain approval from the Probate Registry ( Ministry of Justice ) to obtain the Letter of Administration empowering you as Sole trustee/executor to the Estate of Mr. Mustafa.
If you therefore agree to be the official Beneficiary, then please note that you will not be required to sign any Money Transfer Documents ( my Attorney will do all (that), you will not be required to come to South Africa.

Only the following is required from you:
(1) Send to me immediately A bank account ( a bank account with zero credit balance is ok)
(2) Complete name and address of the Bank
(3) Bank Account Number
(4) Name of Account Holder/Beneficiary
(5) Your address, phone and fax
(6) A brief background information on you (CV)
Once you send me the requested information as above, I will initiate the processing of the transfer and in about 7 working days the money total USD52m will be in your nominated bank account for us to share in the ratio of 70% for me and 30% for you. This transaction is guaranteed to succeed without any problems. If you agree to assist me by sending me the above requested information, I will give you my complete address, including phone/ fax etc and any further clarifications you may require.
Looking forward to your urgent reply.

Yours truly



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