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Gesendet am: Dienstag, 5. November 2002 02:50
Betreff: matter of urgency !!!

Treasurer Obioakpor Local Govt. Area,
Port Harcourt, Rivers State,

I am making this contact to you based on mutual trust and understanding as a businessman irrespective of the fact we've not seen or known each other before but I am quite convinced that after reading my proposal, you will surely give it a second thought.

By introduction, I am Honorable Counselor Paul Ibo Inyang, Treasurer to the Obioapkor Local Government Council, Port Harcourt - Rivers State. A state endowed with rich oil and other Mineral Resources hence it is known as the "Oil City State of Nigeria". By the virtue of my position as a Treasurer, I am a special aid to The Local Government Chairman, Honorable Dr. Dokuwari Igwinabo.

Suffice it to say that we all belongs to the Ruling Party " Peoples' Democratic Party" (PDP) and having taken cognizance that the forthcoming Local Government Election is fast approaching hence the Chairman who is not sure of his second tenure come year 2003, confided in me and two other most trusted Councilors of his desire to keep the sum of US$40 Million out of the US$250 Million share allocation to the Council this first quarter of the year 2002 which is 25% money derived from the Federal Government sales of Petroleum and shared to all Oil Producing States in Nigeria for capital development known as " Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC).

His intention is to take this money abroad and use it to buy "Choice Real Estate and shares"and other shares in business of which he has mandated me to be the chief negotiator between him and any foreign partner that will help him receive this money on his behalf. It is based on this fact, that I am contacting you to be of help in other to have this money released into your bank account and after, I will come to meet you in any agreed destination of yours on his behalf to collect his percentage. Therefore, if you would agree to be of assistance, an offer of 20% (negotiable) will be given to you as your commission for your complimentary help.

Please confirm your acceptance to this proposal and we shall begin to push the necessary paperwork that will facilitate the remittance of this money to your account. Also on acceptance, please forward to me the following details: -
1. Your full name and address, telephone and fax numbers, or
2. Your Company's name and address, telephone and fax numbers, and
3. Your personal/Company's bank information, such as: bank name and address, account name and number etc.

With this information, we would commence the quick processing of Releasing Documents and I promise you within two - three weeks, the deal would be concluded and I will proceed to your destination to collect his share.

Please remember that the personalities involved should be highly protected hence the reputation of the Hon. Dr. Dokuwari Igwinabo (Chairman) is at stake and as such should stand off in this transaction for now in other not to soil his reputation and his future political career. More especially, over here, no Civil Servant is allowed to operate a foreign account or take out any monies out of Nigeria. This is for accountability purpose. Any one caught in doing this will face the Civil Service Penal Commission. In other words, your own reputation will be highly protected as well. Note: no risk is involved hence you should not entertain any fear because an agreement will be drawn by an attorney to give both partiess protection.

Remember all correspondence during and after the transaction should be channeled through me via my e-mail address.

I am waiting for your reply.

Yours truly,



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