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Dear Sir,

Permit me to please task your patience to go through this proposal. I use the word patience because you may have received in the past certain proposals which you may be inclined to consider similar to this particular one. But certainly, this is unique because we are not asking you to become 'some contractor.' Of a contract which you did not execute. In his Independence Anniversary Speech on October 1st,2002 our President directed the immediate setting up of a task force to release Mohammed Abacha (the detained son of late Abacha) following the plea of eminent northern elders and the decision of the Appeal Court so to do. This task Force is to monitor the return to Nigerian Treasury more of Nigeria money earlier looted by late President Abacha and kept under the control of Mohammed himself.

Fortunately I was made the Secretary General of this Task force. And immediately on resumption, we have discussed and agreed with Mohammed himself to keep away and divert the sum of U$25Million which is well secured abroad. In the light of this, we do appeal to you to consider helping us to receive this amount into any of your foreign accounts.There are no strings attached and we will make all the necessary arrangements to ensure that the fund is transferred into your chosen account.

All we would require is the ailed account what the money to be transferred and we get this accomplished within a short time.

Please email ASAP and in case you need any further clarification

Yours truly,



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