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Von: "Dr. Pius Ighomecha" <>
Datum: Mo, 20. Jan 2003 11:21:38 Europe/Berlin
Antwort an:

Pardon the abruptness of this letter; it is due to its exigency.
I am a government functionary in my country. I represent a locally effective caucus in dire need of your assistance.

Several funds that have been on hold due to logistic problems might be returned to the Federal Government Treasury by the end of this quarter of the year following directives from the Ministry of Finance to WRITE OFF all such unclaimed foreign debt. I sincerely know what the mutual benefit we will enjoy if such funds are put in your care.
As a civil servant in the Federal Ministry of Works and Housing and an ex-officio member of the Contract Review Panel, I have a particular contract sum worth millions of dollars which has been negotiated to me, that I can claim title to (based on previous arrangements and documents at my disposal) but has been unable to claim due to my limitations. This money can be credited to a bank account of my choice. The key issue is to solicit your collaboration in its transfer, and the subsequent investment (if you may) of the contract sum.

I am ready to work out a compensation package payable immediately after the money is credited to your account.
You must promise to re-transfer the fund into another account within 5 working days of being credited to your account. You do not need any special expertise; all that is required is your ability to follow the required guidelines and the will to personify the faæade to its practical conclusion.

The source of the money is legal and authoritative.

Please note that I do not intend to waste my time and yours, we may not have met but I decided to take advantage of this new medium that is still very new in my country (please excuse my intruding). The Internet is still a fascination to me. Sometimes one needs to take chances.
However I shall ensure that I receive my share by holding on to the support documents.
You can reach me immediately for us to commence dialogue on the modus operandi entailed.

I wish that you took the essence of this letter in strict confidence.

Best regards,
Dr. Pius Ighomecha.


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