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Datum: Do, 15. Aug. 2002 07:31:16 Europe/Berlin

Federal Housing Estate Road 18,
Special Unit Mbandaka
Democratic Republic of Congo

Dear sir


My name is Henry Kembe Kabongo jr, former Special Assistant on    Internal Security  to the late President Kabila of Democratic Republic   of Congo  who   was assassinated on the  16th of  January 2001.    You may be surprise to   receive my letter on the g rounds that we   have not met before.  But never mind you will get to understand   the situation and my reason  of contacting you as you   read further.   Before the assassination of President Kabila, I have as I had  always   done for him through the assistance of a Security Company moved   the  sum of USD$35,000.000 (Thirty Five Million United States   Dollars) out  of the  Democrat ic Republic of Congo for safe  keeping    in Africa.   This Security Company also has affiliate  offices in Europe. With his death and our inability to inform  his business  partner in Europe of this last arrangement, there is no other person    who  knows about this money except me. I have  contacted the Security  Company and they are ready to negotiate with who ever I recommend    as the & nbsp; beneficiary for onward transfer. I have in the past made    similar   arrangements and substantial amount of money made from   sales of Diamond moved to different  destinations and lodged in banks in Switzerland,  Belgium and France for my late boss. I am contacting      you to solicit  for your urgent assistance to help me move  this  money to your account in multiple transfers since from all indication  the  present government    headed by his son,  Joseph Kabila,  is    watching our  movement as former aids since his assassination     is still under investigation.  Our bank accounts and some personal  assert put under close watch. There is no  risk involved in this    and I assure   you of a smooth and 100% risk free  transaction. I am willing to give you down payment of 25% of the  total sum    as your commission for assisting me, and annual  10% of the after   tax returns   on investment for the  first 5 years. Thereafter,    the   terms shall be  re-negotiated.  If you are capable and  willing  to participate in this  transaction contact me  through my email     address.   Please include  ; your direct contact phone so that we   can discuss more about this transaction.

I await your response.
Yours faithfully,



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