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Von: "chris Hart" <>
Datum: Mi, 14. Mai 2003 11:58:51 Europe/Berlin
Antwort an:

Dear Friend,

It has become important that i contact you based on my pressing need for your assistance despite the fact that i do not know you personally.I and my family are in great danger and we require assistance to avert this danger.I am therefore using this medium to appeal to your good conscience to come to my rescue and the rescue of my family.

I am Mr.Chris Hart a white commercial farmer from Zimbabwe and I am a victim of the inhuman treatment currently going on in zimbabwe.It is pertinent that i explain to you what is currently happening in zimbabwe in case you are not aware of it.

The government of Robert Mugabe,president of Zimbabwe,in the year 2000 promulgated an abbysmal land law,the fast track land resettlement program,aimed at taking land from the rich white commercial farmers in Zimbabwe and giving it to the so called poor natural inhabitants of Zimbabwe,the black Zimbabweans,who as the president claimed are the rightful owners of these land.To this effect,our lands,including the lands where our personal houses where built on have been taken from us,rendering us homeless.In pursuance to this law,the so called natural inhabitants,the black Zimbabweans,have committed serious human rights violations in the process of forcefully taking our lands from us.Many of our white brothers were maimed,killed and rendered homeless.Those of us that are alive now live in fear and in hiding.

My dear friend,I have lost all I worked for all my life.As a tobacco farmer I have lost both my farm land and all my financial resources in Zimbabwe.I only have one hope left,which is to leave Zimbabwe alive.

I am using this medium to appeal to you to come to my rescue and that of my family by helping us get out of Zimbabwe to a safe abode,preferably your country where we can start life afresh again.To do this we need some finance which is where i need your assistance most,i am however not begging you for money.

I have some money somewhere in Europe Which I deposited in a security firm for my business then.I cannot reach the money because of my present isolation.I need your help to stand as my representative in order to withdraw this money on my behalf as all the documents neccessary for this withdrawal is still in my possession so that I can leave Zimbabwe as soon as possible and settle down with my family in your country.Please endeavour to try and help me as you will be greatly rewarded for your efforts.

I thank you for your anticipated cooperation as I await your response to this mail after which i will bring you into a clearer picture of everything.


Chris Hart


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