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Von: "issahustonhafez" <>
Datum: Do, 27. Mär 2003 17:08:02 Europe/Berlin
An: "joerg"
Betreff: Read Carefully & Respond Urgently/Confidential

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Good day, I am Mr. Issa Huston Hafez an accountant with Africa development Bank (A.D.B) Nigeria I have urgent and confidential business proposal for you. Our bank (A.D.B) is the largest Investment bank in Africa with assert base of over $ 180 bn USD.
IN one of the numerous contract we have with Nigeria Government (construction and lay L.N.G gas pipe from Nigeria to Accra Ghana via Benin / Togo Republic. This project was estimated to cost the Government $650 M USD but I and my friends working with the Nigeria National petroleum Corporation (NNPC) over invoice
the cost of the project during the feasibility study to the tune of $ 50m USD brings the total cost to sum of $700m USD. This contract is subject to your confirmation if you wish.
Now that the project is completed and counterpart payment made by all parties involved. I will like you as a foreigner to provide us necessary documents to move away the money from the bank "so that fruit of our labor will not be in vain" or the money been trapped in suspense account.
There are two ways the money will be moved over sea
(1) Furnish us with your bank details such as
(a) Bank account number (b) Bank account name
(c) Bank name and address
(2) Very simple, since we operate with two corresponding bank in New York (U.S.A)
And Johannesburg (R.S.A) I shall arrange with our internal agent and moved the money for cash payment in either of the two mentioned Countries.
Upon receipt this money in your account. The ratio of sharing shall be as follows, 60% for us, 30% for you and 10% will be set aside for miscellaneous expenses.
This transaction is risk free; with the second option is zero percent. Send your response immediately if you are interested and I shall provide You with more details. For further information call my direct phone number: 234-804-6111665.
Mr. Issa Huston Hafez.


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