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Dear Friend,

I am Pierre Robert Guei (Jr),my father(late General Robert Guei) was the former President of Côte d'Ivoire in year 2000 before he ran to Republic of Benin to seek for assylum in the year 2000.During the unrest of 19th September,2002, my Father was among the people that were killed by the military protesters.After his death,I ran away with my mother and we are now in Lome,Togo.I do hereby wish to ask for your assistance in urgent business transaction that requires absolute honesty and secrecy from you.

My late father lodged US$8,800,000.00 Dollars(Eight million,Eight Hundred Thousand US Dollars)cash in US$100.00 bill stacked (as a consignment)in the year 2000 in a reputable security company at Ghana, But when he got informations that the militaries were planning to make a mass protests and killings he called me and confided in me of where he deposited these money and handed over to me some documents that covered the deposited consignment(the money) and asked me to leave our country immediately because he would not know if he would be involved in the mass killings,I made away with these documents with my mother so that we can not be reached by the blood thirsty militaire.

Right now, I and my mother have confirmed where the money was deposited and it is still with the security company for safe keeping and we have spoken with the security company director to come and lay claim on the money as the beneficiary and we were given the go ahead to do so at our own time. I am using this opportunity to seek for your assistance to move this money to your country,to be invested on behalf of myself and my mother.

For this business to be concluded immediately, all you need to do is to arrange to meet with me and my mother where this consignment is been lodged,open an account in your name,pay in the whole money after clearing and transfer it to your chosen account.

We are ready to offer you 30% of the total sum and give you the full power, to manage the remaining 70% on behalf of myself and my mother.Upon conclusion of arrangement,we shall forward to you the certificate of deposit,the phone and fax numbers of the security company for confirmation.But please do not disclose our identities.Please I want us to conclude this business as quickly as possible.

Yours faithfully,
Pierre Robert Guei (Jr).
T/Tel. No: ++00228-901-58-73


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