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Von: "musa guei" <>
Datum: Mo, 31. Mär 2003 13:47:51 Europe/Berlin
Betreff: Urgent Assistance
Antwort an: "musa guei" <>


Dear Sir,

I am MR. Musa Guei, the son of late GENERAL ROBERT GUEI Ex-Military Head of State of Ivory Coast, who was murdered along with the interior minister on the 19th of September 2002. . I contacted you because of my need to deal with persons whom my family and I have had no previous personal relationships. Since the murder of my father, I have been subjected to all sorts of harassments and intimidation with lots of negative reports emananting from the Government and the Press about my family, the present Government of LAURENT GBAGBO has also ensured that out bank accounts are frozen and all assets seized.

It is in view of this that I seek your co-operation and assistance in the transfer of this sum of Twenty Seven United States Dollars only (US$27,000,000.00) being the very last of my family fund in my possession and control. After the murder of my father, the present Government seized all our properties and froze all our accounts both local and international.

My only hope now is this cash my father carefully packed and deposited as Artifacts with a Securty/Finance Company outside Ivory Coast, this sum of US$27M can easily be withdrawn or paid to a recommended beneficiary.

The security/Finance Company based on my instructions will release the fund to you. You are to be presented as my business partner who will be fronting for me in subsequent ventures and in truth you will be fronting for me in the areas of business you deem profitable. To show my preparedness and appreciation to conduct this business with you, I shall give you and your family US$5.4M of the funds and 20% commission on all proceeds realized from the investment of this fund. Also, US$1.35M is to be set aside for any eventual cost that may occur in the process of this transaction. Please, I need your full support and co-operation for the success of this venture. I plead with you to treat as urgent and confidential.

This is a delicate issue, which demands a great decree of secrecy, have my current political status in mind.

Also, endeavor to contat me through this email

I await your immediate response.


MR.Musa Guei

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