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Sent: Saturday, October 26, 2002 06:15
Importance: High

From The Desk of: MR. MIKE GREEN
Nigerian National Petroleum Corp (Annex)
FAX: 234-1-7592679


Please permit me to introduce myself to you, my names are Mr. MIKE ADA GREEN a Petroleum Engineer with the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation and a member of the contract award committee of the above corporation, which is under, The Federal Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources.

With the assistance of some senior officials of the Federal Ministry of Finance and Office of the Accountant General of the Federation, we want to quietly transfer the sum of Nineteen Million US Dollars only ($19m US Dollars only) out of my country Nigeria. This US$19 M US Dollar was quietly over-estimated on the contract for Turn around Maintenance (TAM) of Port Harcourt petrochemical refinery in Nigeria (SOUTHERN NIGERIA) and the Rehabilitation of Petroleum Pipelines, Depot and Jetties. The actual contract value of this said project was US$171M US Dollars, but my colleagues and I deliberately increased the contract to our own benefit to the tune of $190M US Dollars, of which the over-estimated value of US$19M US Dollars belongs to us and this amount is what we want to secretly transfer into your personal or company account for safe keeping and sharing.

The Federal Government and the Federal Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources have approved the total sum of US$190 Million US Dollars. The project has been completed and commissioned by the Federal Government and the original contractors have been paid their Contractual sum and what is left now is the US$19Million US Dollars. Under this circumstance and upon your acceptance we will register You/your Company as a sub-contractor to the original contractors with my corporation, so that this fund can be transferred into your account without hitch whatsoever.

Our reasons of soliciting your assistance to transfer this fund to your account is owing to the policy of the Federal Government of Nigeria, the code conduct debars us civil servants (Government Workers) from operating a foreign account, hence we seeking your assistance. After several deliberations with my colleagues, we decided to give you 25% as your entitlement for your assistance for providing your account, while 70% will be for the remaining 5% and us would be used to offset all local and foreign expenses that might be incurred during this transaction.

However this is based on the ground that you would assure me of the following:
1 That after the successful transfer of the $19m us dollars into your account, you will give us our own fare share of 70% without running away with the money or sitting on it to our detriment.

2 That you will treat this business with utmost secrecy, Confidentiality, understanding and sincerity, which this business demands. 3 You will assist us (by way of advice) to invest our own share in business venture in your country.

4 Upon your acceptance of this proposal I will send a TEXT for you to fill in your letter headed paper and return back to me, as we shall use this TEXT to raise an application for payment on your behalf as you will be made the recognized beneficiary of the fund.

KINDLY FORWARD YOUR TELEPHONE AND FAX NUMBER to me also. PLEASE NOTE: that this business is 100% risk free and will not implicate you in any way, sir. Finally please if you feel you cannot do this business with us, kindly delete this message from your computer or destroy it as it will do you no good showing it to a third party or anybody whatsoever, please kindly do us this favor for God sake. The kind of business you do does not affect the business.

Yours Sincerely,


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