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Datum: Do, 04. Apr. 2002 02:54:32 Europe/Berlin
Betreff: urgent Business

To: The Managing Director.


Re: Secure of Funds for Big Term Importation.

I have been instructed by my official colleague to look for a foreign partner who can assist us to execute an urgent business involving huge profit and international cooperation. We are interested in the importation of Solar Panels, Agricultural Equipment, Chemicals and Computer accessories from overseas and we need a Foreign partner who can assist us with a bank account for the Transfer of $ United States Dollars only.

This fund is acquired from an OVER-INVOICE accrued from a loan contract between my company and the Barclays bank of Ghana Ltd. However, I am the chief auditor, foreign operation of the Delta Steel Company in Accra, Ghana and also one of the signatories to the loan agreement. Though, I am presently in Las Vegas, Nevada U.S.A for an official Fourteen (14) ñ day course on my professional carrier. I found it more convenient and reliable here to commence on this deal hence writing you. Please restrict your response only to Tel/Fax: +1 - 775-257 1510 for security reasons.

We have resolved that 20% will be your Commission for nominating your bank account and a company that will receive this fund on our behalf, as well as other assistance you may give in this deal. 10% of the entire sum has been mapped out to settle any expenses you or I may incur in the cause of this fund transfer, while 70% of our share will be used for this importation.

Furthermore, it is my full responsibility to apply and acquire the vital documentation to justify the inflow of this fund into your account to avoid any eyebrow from your bank and your country generally.

My colleague and I are civil servants and as members of the foreign operations dept. It is against our official rules & regulation to operate a foreign account hence we are soliciting your firm support. This transaction is 100% risk-free and will be finalized within 10 working days.

Finally, you are expected to respond to this proposal if you accept the deal. Please respond to me Tel/Fax: +1-775-257 1510. With the requirements for the successful completion of the project. Again, the transaction is 100% guaranteed and risk free.

Thank you and God Bless.
Yours sincerely,

Mr Idris Gidado


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