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Dear Sir/Madam

With due respect, trust and humility. I write this letter to you Seeking your help and assistance though its difficult since we have not met before, but I believe that you are capable and reliable in handling this urgent international transaction, based on your business profile and sincerity.
I am PATREK CEEKO GEZI, the son of the last and secret wife of comrade/Chief BORDER GEZI the Zimbabwean former Minister for Youth & Gender Equality who is also a businessman and politician, in the Zimbabwean political arena. My father was the famous politician who stood firm against President Mugabes idea of continuous fight in Democratic Republic of Congo and my father also stood against the Seizure of White farmers farm and the destruction of it by the blacks without compensation to the owners. Because of my fathers sincerity he was killed with his first wife on the 14th April 2001 by a planned motor accident by dissidents soldiers working secretly for President Mugabe along Mashonaland in Western Mashona province of Zimbabwe, when this accident occurred at about 10:15am Zimbabwean time my father did not die on the spot rather he was rushed to Harare hospital by unknown soldiers and due to his condition when I visited him,he explain to me about the sum of $ 20.5M u.s DOLLAR (Twenty Million,Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) he deposited in a security company outside our country due to the crisis in our country and other vital documents which was met for his supposed political campaign in the election of 2002. He instructed me to leave Zimbabwe immediately for my safety and since then I am in the border town of Cotonou Republic of Benin as a [temporarydomicile] with the original documents of deposit intact, and Because of the country existing law, which bears an alien like me without a resident permit and a registered investment/establishment like me to operate an account that exceed $2000 DOLLAR and the fear of the money not raising eyebrows here in Cotonou because of my very small age and underage to handle huge amount, I decided to write to you to seek for your help for this DEPOSIT to be collected out from the security company and be transferred into your private/company bank account, because my father advice me that I should invest in overseas (Abroad) if he did not make it because of the various crises all over Africa. I want to assure you also that this transaction is 100% risk free As no other person knows this except me and my Mother whom I have lost contact with since I left Zimbabwe ,because she refused to leave Zimbabwe with me.
Sir/Madam i have resolved to give you 30% of the total amount, 10% for any expenses that might be incurred in the course of this transaction, while I planned to invest the rest of the money in your country under your guidance and care in any business you deem fit ,as I am never into any business before. Sir, bear in mind that my life depend on this fund and i do hope That this money will be safe when finally secured and handed over to you .I do hope of establishing a rewarding and good relationship with you and your family after this transaction, Kindly let me have your contact phone and fax No to reach you at need along with your reply to avoid further delay if you are willing to assist and help me. Hoping to hear from you as soon as possible through these contact Email:- (Alternative)

Thanks for your co-operation and GOD Bless
Best Regards,

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