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Datum: Di, 18. Feb 2003 04:22:00 Europe/Berlin
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I am ENGR SADIQ FREGENE, my main purpose of contacting you is to solicit for your co-operation and assistance to champion this business, which requires your immediate and unalloyed support to explore its potentials and overall success.

I am a Petroleum Chemical Engineer by profession and was the former head of the Special Project Department (S.P.D) of the Ministry of Petroleum Resources between 1990-1998.

Presently, I am the General Executive Director (GED) of the Federal Ministry of Finance of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. This unit is charged amongst others to verify, inspect, audit and make recommendations to other statutory bodies charged with the responsibilities to make payments to contractors (local and foreign) who have executed priority projects in the downstream sector of the Petroleum Ministry. It is in respect to one of the contracts that was executed while I was still head of S.P.D which was personally supervised by me that now I decided to contact you.

The contract in question was for the construction of sixteen booster stations as well as gas pipeline laying from oil rich Niger delta areas of the Southern Nigeria to non oil producing Northern Nigeria spanning over 10,000km(Ten thousand kilometer). This turnkey project was executed at a total cost of $USD120M (One Hundred and Twenty Million United States Dollars). However, out of this amount, 20% was mapped out as cost of Turn Around Maintenance (TAM) after a Three year period.

Following the completion of the initial contract, the (TAM) contract was awarded to a company by the then Military regime of the former junta solely for the aim of collecting the $USD24M set aside for the TAM. Following the sudden death of the former dictator Gen. Sani Abacha, on the 8th 0f June 1998, this contract did not see the end of the day. This particular event has now set the tone why your immediate attention is needed. It might be necessary to pause here to inform you that from high level investigation carried out by me, the company that was awarded this contract was a "ghost"company. By this, I mean that the company does not exist. What the military junta of the dictator intended to achieve was to use this company to collect the TAM sum and compel me as they previously and severally did to certify that the contract was executed. I have now received instructions from the Presidency to submit my report on the above contract. In my preliminary report, which I intend to submit by the end of next month, I have stated that the contract was subcontracted to a sister company of the other contractor. Furthermore, I have carefully omitted the name of this sister company as the subcontractor which will automatically qualify your company to be paid the TAM in sum $USD24M.

You might find this offer a little bit strange but this deal has been in practice for a long time and it is only by a fate of destiny that I now contacted you. I want to assure you that the bulk of this arrangement rests on my shoulders but without your assistance I cannot do much and this opportunity will slip of my hands. Besides, I will be retiring from the public service having put in 34years out of the mandatory retirement age of 35years and this is my only means of ensuring a secured life for myself and my eight children as there is no adequate social security in place for retired public servants here in Nigeria.

Once I receive your positive response, I will divulge more information as regards the water tight machinery that I have already put in place to ensure an absolute and speedy conclusion of this transaction with no risk whatsoever on your part. However, should you not be favorably disposed to respond positively please kindly indicate and accept my regrets. Finally please kindly accord the content of this letter its due confidentiality in view of the fact that I am still in service. I hope you will revert to this mail at your earliest convenience.

May God bless you and give you the wisdom to decide.

Yours most sincerely,




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