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Datum: Di, 02. Jul. 2002 10:04:06 Europe/Berlin

Dear Sir,


I am making this contact with you based on trust and confidence I have in God, irrespective of the fact that we have not met before and because of the nature of the business I am about to introduce to you. I want to remain positive having the faith, the will and convincing myself that you will be interested and capable to do business with me.
I am extending this proposal to you in my capacity as the Chief Auditor of the Review/Audit committee scrutinizing all records covering executed contracts awarded by the previous administrators of Nigeria.
My colleagues and I have uncovered a floating amount of US$17 Million without any beneficiary, owing to a deliberate act of over-invoicing and illegal inflation of contract value by some ex-Government officials who are now retired. This money has already been approved for payment by the Federal Ministry of Works & Housing(FMWH) and is secured with the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) under contract No: FGN/FMWH/022996/CB/98. As top civil servants, our code of conduct strictly prohibits us from operating Foreign Bank Account and this is why we want to use you to transfer this money for investment purposes in your country.
We have chosen you as our Foreign Partner and will now regularize the approvals of this funds to reflect you as the true beneficiary of the fund. However, you have to assure us you will not sit on the fund when remitted into your account. We have resolved to give you 20% of the total sum for your assistance/co-operation, as I also guarantee you 100% risk-free in this transaction.

lf you are interested in this business, please contact me as soon as you receive this message on my e-mail address: I'm anxiously waiting for your urgent response. Please when replying, indicate your Tel and Fax numbers & provide a company name you would like us to use in applying for payment for urgent conclusion of the transaction.

We shall send you more information on how we intend to finalize this project on receipt of your response.

Best Regards.

Dr. Okon Etiebeth


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