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From: []
Sent: Tuesday, November 19, 2002 17:35
Subject: please it's very private ok.

Dear friend,

Listen and read carefully, I found your contact from a business journal and that is why I have decided to involve you in this transaction o.k, I am a woman of substance and of great importance to my nation and the society ingeneral. I will not entertain any act of unseriousness from you in this transaction o.k. You must take instructions from me at all time and for security reasons you will only communicate with me only by my e-mail for now o.k its is very important to avoid for our security.
I am Mrs Louisa Ejercitor Estrada, the wife of Mr Joseph Estrada the former president of Philippine located in the south East Asia.

My husband was presently impeached from office by a backed uprising of mass demonstrators and senate. During my husband's regime as president of Philippine, I realized US$ 35.5 millions of dollars from various contract projects! I executed successfully. I had planed to invest this money in real estate and industrial production.

Now I have used diplomatic means in moving this money to a security company in abroad as valuables, Now if you agree to carry out this business,I will give to you the information of the security company and you will be there o.k. There is no risk involved o.k, you will see the money for your self before any thing, then you will open an account there and pay in the money after you have cleared.

My husband is facing trails here with the Philippine government so my family's life style is restricted and all my phone and other contracts are monitored by the Philippine authority. I will offer you 30% of the total fund if you safely clear this money from the security company, you must keep this business secret and confidential, not even your partner must know about this o.k until you are through with this business. Once again, I want you to be honest, and faithful, I shall delegate my Attorney to meet with you o.k.

I hope we will build a solid business relationship, waiting to read from you shortly o.k.


Mrs Louisa Ejercitor Estrada

For the sake of confidentiality,forward all correspondence to this mail box,,it is very important you follow my advise. Thank you in advance.

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