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Von: "Esosa Jaffar" <>
Datum: Mo, 26. Aug 2002 16:30:08 Europe/Berlin
Betreff: RFP

The peace of the almighty be with you,

It's the dire situation I and my family have been placed that is making me cry out for your help and assistance, so please see past my manner of approaching you and see the real situation that my family's future will be if I do not get the urgently needed assistance. This is my last option and hope for my family's future well being and protection.

My name is Jaffar Esosa, a Gabonese who owned a petroleum servicing company. About two months ago at a private dinner party, I made criticism of the political system in my country and the dictatorship of the President Omar Bongo in a conversation. Two days later I was arrested and charged for incitements and trying to overthrow the government which carries the death penalty, my properties, assets and wealth were confiscated.

The above situation is the reason I am soliciting your help to transfer and receive under a legal deed of sub-contract some amount of money belonging to me and my family totaling 12.4 Million United States dollars being payment for the supply of drilling materials that the government has not confiscated yet. This transfer can be completed within 10-14 working days after I received your consent to receive this money on my behalf, your full name, and telephone/ fax numbers. With this information we will begin the filing process to register you as the beneficiary to the above money to facilitate the transfer.

You will be adequately compensated for your help for providing the material and channel for the transfer. The essence of this mail basically is I need to move the fund out for my family's sake in case anything happens to me. You can contact me on the email address below if you are interested to help.

Yours truly,
Jaffar Esosa


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