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Dear Sir,

I am Dr. David Ejoor. I got your contact from the Internet and I am writing you from Liberia. I am a Senior Officer with the Liberian Petroleum Refining Company, LPRC. I sincerely apologize for contacting you this way but please understand that I am doing so out of great desperation.

I am contacting you on the business of transferring the sum of US$25,386,000.00. (Twenty Five Million Three Hundred and Eighty Six thousand United States Dollars only) into a safe foreign account and the need is very urgent. I am soliciting for the transfer of this money into your account. My corporation, LPRC, generated this Money from the sale of crude oil to two companies in Canada and Europe. I am contacting you to assist me transfer and receive this fund because right now a civil war has broken out again in my country and people are being executed publicly by both the rebel and government troupes and presently lawlessness reigns on our streets. This is the only opportunity my family and I have to move out with enough resources and avoid the mayhem that surely lies ahead.

I have considered that 15% of this sum would be for you as compensation for using your Bank account in transferring this money, 5% would be used to reimburse the expenses made during the processing of the transfer by both parties, while 80% is for me. And once the money is in your account I will travel to meet with you in your country or any other country in Europe where my family and myself will reside for my share.

If you are interested I will liken you to contact me by email only and I will give you full details of how we are to proceed.

Looking forward to your anticipated and urgent positive response and I encourage you to maintain absolute confidentiality over the transaction for our mutual benefits.

Best regards, Dr. David Ejoor


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