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Von: koffi edon <>
Datum: Di, 11. Mär 2003 18:01:13 Europe/Berlin



Dear, It interest me at this my worst period to contact you for a business relationship assistance with you. I am a widow with two children , Though I do not know you face to face but I believe God will embrace us together in the nearest future in your country. In brief introduction , My husband DR Koffi Edon.
was the former prime Minister of Cote D'Ivoire and also the internal affair Minister presently who was killed on the 19th of September 2002 while in office together on the same date with Gen Robert Guei the former Military President of Cote d'Ivoire with all his families and relatives living only His Son who was not around in their house on the D.Day. Moreover, we believe it was the plan plot of the government military to assasin my husband with Gen Robert Guei for not compromising with them. My Late husband Dr Boga Doudou and late General Robert Guei shared a total sum of US$62 million Dollartwo years ago this money was meant for purchasing of Arms and Amunition for our country Cote D'Ivoire . My Late husband took a share of US$22 million dollars which he deposited in a private security company here in Abidjan for safety keeping and security purpose. My late husband with his position declared the trunk box that contain the money as Family valuables belonging to his foreign partner overseas,for this reason the security company official where not aware of the original content of the trunk box. Before the death of my husband, since they did not agreed or go to compromise with the Military and the government over the issue of the money , My husband told the security company to send the trunk box to any of their office in overseas until when his foreign partner will contact them for the claim of the trunk box in their office overseas. Finally, I am contacting you to serve as my late husband foreign partner to enable claim the trunk box from the security company office in oversea and to enable us come over to your country and invest in a profitable outfit which you know best and you arrange for my children to continue their education career in your country. I am promising to offer to you 10% of the total money of US$22 million dollars as mode of compensation for your effort to assisting me and my family. I expect to hear from you as soon as possible ,send your private tel and fax with your full name, after we have concluded, I will send to you all the deposit documents of the trunk box made with the security company and you will contact the security company here in Abidjan for you to obtain a change of ownership document in your name to enable you go for the claim of the trunk box in their office oversea as my late husband foreign partner before our coming to your country. Thanks and God bless you as you care for me and my family.

Best Regard


Note that this transaction need absolute attention and confidential at this moment of time, so you should be fast please , their is a little problem passing now in the country we dont know what it will result, we want to live this place immediately.
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