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Gesendet: Samstag, 15. März 2003 01:25
Betreff: Business Proposal


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Dear ,

I am Mr. Ernest C. Ebi , the director international remittance/computer telex department of central bank of Nigeria.

I was mandated to monitor/control foriegn payment as regards to foreign contractors who has fully executed their contract here in Nigeria and I was forwarded some contract file from the presidency after authentification to remitt funds to the various accounts of the contractors.

Unfortunately, I discovered in the contract file that one of the German contractor's bank particulars was approved to be paid twice by the Presidency which I have already paid him his contract fund, and the said amount twenty eight million united states dollars ($28Million) which is still floating in the Central Bank of Nigeria account was as a result of OVER-INVOICING stipulated in the file.

The reason why I am sending you this letter is to ask for your assistance in helping my collegueas and I in receiving this said fund in question to your company or private account, bearing in mind that I have perfected all modalities here in Nigeria to transfer this fund hitch free without future trace with my position in central bank of Nigeria.

All that is required from you is to send me your bank details and your private telephone and fax number for easy communication.

We have decided to share this fund as follows 70% of the fund for my collegueas and I, 30% of the fund will be for you for assisting us.

Endeavour to verify a good business in your country that we can invest our share of the 70% and what will be our per anum income if we invest in such business.

The reason why we are seeking for foriegn assistance is because we are not allowed to maintain foriegn account while still in service. So kindly keep this business secret and confidential till we achieve our aim to avoid loop holes in order to avoid jeopardising my position in government if this proposal does not suit you, kindly contact me or help me introduce a person who is reliable on this recommendation, 10% of this total fund will be for you from my side in compensation of your candid effort to avoid missing this life time opportunity.

Furthermore, details of this transaction will be made known to you as soon as I receive your favourable response

I await your prompt reply through my confidential e-mail address: [].


Mr. Ernest C. Ebi.


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