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Datum: Fr, 06. Sep. 2002 21:24:56 Europe/Berlin
An: xxxxx@xxxxx.xx
Betreff: reply soon
Antwort an:


Dear Sir,
Your contact was discretely sourced for among others with respect to your position as an international acclaimed personality; and we decided in your favour as a partner for this business proposal bearing in mind that you are of an outstanding reputation to usher you in as the beneficiary.

However, I repose every confidence in you concerning your status by virtue of its nature as being utterly confidential and with the believe that you could be fully trusted to handle this business with the degree of confidence it deserves.

I am MR. IFEANYI DANIELS an Audit Manager with the FEDERAL MINISTRY OF PETROLEUM & NATURAL RESOURCES under the Contract Tender Committee. My colleagues and I in the corporation need the services/assistance of a competent, trustworthy and reputable foreigner or company into whose account the sum of US $6,000,000M (Six Million United States Dollars) would be remitted before the Deregulation of the Oil sector.

This fund originated from a deliberate over-estimation of contracts that was awarded by the Ministry to foreign companies for drilling, excavation and spot lifting of black gold (Crude oil) in Portnovo located in the tiny Republic of Benin. Since, they are not members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Country, they requested for our Ministry's (Federal Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Resources) assistance. This fund has been lying unclaimed at the Accounts Department of the Ministry because it has neither a beneficiary nor any file with the corporation. It is within this framework, that we have resolved to usher you in as the beneficiary of this fund by Legally subcontracting the entitlement to you or your company based on agreement with you.

Moreover, the need to contact you or your company is deemed fit because the contracts were executed by foreign firms and the money cannot go into indigenous accounts because the Code of Conduct (COC) of the Federal Civil Servants here (Nigeria) restrict us to a certain level of Banking facilities which does not allow us to operate a Domiciliary account; however, it is imperative to usher you in as a foreign partner so as to avoid suspicion from unconcerned quarters and most importantly, for fear of loosing our jobs.

Meanwhile, the original contractors of these projects had since collected their supposed payments accordingly after the commissioning of their works. Now, we want to remit this over-estimated amount to a reliable overseas account for our personal use and for investments opportunities. All the certificates and proper documentation to effect the transfer shall be provided to you for your perusal upon your pledge to do this business with us. Subsequently, your support will enable us make applications and lodge claims to the Ministry's Agencies enabling you to fit in as the beneficiary for the claims.

Please, be informed that this business is closely knitted and 100% hitch free and so entails absolute confidentiality and in case you are not interested to assist, keep it to yourself. Your quick response upon your Expression Of Interest (EOI) will enable me stop further search for a beneficiary. Reply through email for further briefing on how to commence this transaction.I look forward to hearing from you and your cooperation would be highly acknowledged.

Best regards,



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