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From: Amin Dagash []
Sent: Tuesday, May 13, 2003 02:34
Subject: Business Offer

Dear Sir,

This letter I am sure is coming to you as a suprise, since we have not had any communication before.
My name is Amin Dagash, I am a staff of the Ministry of finance here in South Africa.

Following approval for the payment of foreign contractors of the Republic of South Africa in the 2002 Budget, I have the mandate of my colleagues to source for a reliable business person who will assist us to claim some of this approved money.

Out of the approved $836 Million for contract debt payment, $233 Million is non existent which we have carefully included and now we a potential foreign partner (as it a foreign contract debt payment scheme) who will assist to recieve it and invest it on our behalf. For a start, we are ready to apply for the immediate payment of $45 Million USD only. After which the balance would also be transfered in like batches.

The process of transfering this money is known to us and we are ready to share it on a ratio of 70% : 30% (70 percent for us and 30 % for you), if we can jointly finance the transfer of the funds to your account or any other account nominated by you. The whole process of tranfering the entire fund ($233 Million) would take a maximum of 14 working days (Two full weeks). For the avoidance of doubt, I will send you the relevant publications for your perusal. Please feel free to verify the authenticity of this but do not disclose our identity or intention.

On your response, furnish me with your private phone and fax numbers for easy communication between us. Also furnish me with your Full banking details: ie: Bank name, Bank address, Bank telephone and fax number, name on account, account number. Please understand that we are aware of the recent spate of scams and fraud coming out of Africa, this phenomenon which is spear headed by a few illitrate never do wells who are intent on giving the continent a bad name, has made it difficult for people with genuine intentions to get foreign partners who will be willing to assist in genuine risk free deals.

In the light of the above, bear in mind that a bank account with (0) zero credit balance would be ample enough for the transaction. Once we have recieved this details from you, including your full name and / or Company name and address, we shall apply for the first batch of $45 Million in your name.

Should you find this deal interesting and wish to assist us, do not hesitate to email me. Mind you, that we have studied and taken care of all and any possible trace to origin of the payment either now or in the future. Therefore, I am 100% confident to say that the deal is 100% risk free for you and for us. Note, again, that if it becomes neccessary for you to make any traveling in the cause of this business probably to sign the release authority (as the beneficiary), we shall make arrangement so that it will be in a country where there is little or no strict economic laws as this will enable us facilitate the transfer process faster. Also, if such travel becomes neccessary, one of us will meet with you in the said country to assist you in all ways possible. In this regard, please rest assured that nothing will ever go wrong.

All the same, it might interest you to know that sometime in february 1979, such a transaction was done with one Mr. James Maida President of Tampex International Trading Corp. New York, Tel/Fax (1209)-821-6526 and the deal was concluded in good faith with everybody getting his own piece of the action. Similarly, this nature of transaction was carried out with one Mr. Richard Henry Pope Director of Lakeland Property Development Limited of # 9 Cork Street Mayfair London with Telephone number 01714393806 and fax number 01712870365. The deal was consluded and all covering documents were forwarded to him to enable him authenticate the clain, but on his reciept of the fund in his account, he diverted the funds to another account not known to us and disappeared completely.

My colleagues were shattered as such deals do not come easily. However, I suggest that after the signing of the release authority, I will travel with you back to the country where the recieving bank account is located to ensure that a repeat performance of mr Henry Pope does not occur.

If for any reason you are not disposed to participate in this deal, let me know on time as to enable me make alternative arrangements.Please note that all further communication between us should be through my alternative email address:

Or through my Email fax number: 00447092006448 On your response, please respond through the said alternative email address or by fax.

Warm regards,

Amin Dagash


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