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From: Barrister Ini Dada []
Sent: Thursday, October 17, 2002 13:54
Subject: Good day.

Dear ,

Greetings and Compliments of Today.

I have gotten your contact from the internet during the course of my search for a reliable foreign partner.I am writing you this mail, as a preposition and offer of a Business interaction and Transaction which will in any wise be most beneficial to us both.

By way of a summarised profile of Myself, I am Barrister Ini Dada, I am the Managing Partner of JONI LAW OFFICE of The OKOH CHAMBERS. I am fourty five years of Age, Married to a wife and I have three children.

Furthermore, I have a Doctorate Degree in International Laws and my main area of practice is Business and Real Estate Litigation.

My preposition to you would involve your acceptance of my offer, which emanates from a brief I have received from a client of my firm who has solicited my professional assistance in SECURING some funds, These funds are presently deposited in his private Bank accounts, Three in whole, two in Nigeria and one in the Bahamas.

My client was a prominent figure during Military rule in Nigeria not as a public oficial but as the Eldest Surviving Son of the then Military Head of State.

My clients Father was not very popular owing to the circumstances leading to the Palace coup that empowered him, and with the reversion of the country to Democracy coupled with the Death of My clients Father there was an opening for my clients political adversaries to oppress him and this led to his arrest in 1998.

We have since then been battling litigation after litigation and when this failed,we resorted to negotiations with the Government to secure his release. Consequently an accord was reached with the Government, to release my client in exchange for the refund of One Billion Dollars, the said sum was refunded but the government reneged and re arrested my client after a bail was granted.

Now we have a new accord with the government and he has been released, but my client strongly believes that same thing which happened before will occur again. My client has taken an extra step and invoked an understanding with the King of Jordan who will grant him asylum if he can enter Jordan.

We intend simply to smuggle my client out of Nigeria, this will be the concern of my clients family, my own concern is to ensure that my clients funds reach Jordan.

The Fund in question is put all together exceed One hundred Million as My Client has in

Standard Trust Bank LTD(Benin Branch) -45. Million USD

Regent Bank(Victoria Island Branch) -79.Million USD

Cruban Banc Coporation (Bahamas) - 35. Million USD.

As a Lawyer and a reknowed lawyer in my own right, I have no intention of getting involved in any criminality, and as such, no matter the gain I may stand to make I will not attempt to secure the Transfer of any of these sums if the process is not legal or is avoidable due to contravention of International Banking Statutes.

I have in this regard studied the present status of the said funds against the order of the Government of Nigeria as supported by the government of America, The Americas and Europe to freeze and terminate all Money Transfers to or From my client, and I find it impossible to ensure the safe transfer of the Money in Bahamas, hence I will not attempt to.

I have not found a way to tackle Regent Bank but I have reached an understanding with a Director of Standard Trust Bank and we have both devised a plan (In which he is to play no active role).

This plan I must mention is both legal, and feascible in so far as we can get the participation of a Foreign entity whether individual or corporate who would participate in the execution of our intention which I can safely declare to be risk free in all absoluce.

Your participation in this regards will entail that you enter into a trust agreement with me, wherein, in my capasity as Administrator of My clients Estate I will appoint you as Trustee and I, Trustor over the said sum, deposited at Standard Trust Bank.

This agreement will form a legal basis for the Transfer of the amount to you, where as you will open an account with Standard Trust Bank in the same branch, because this is the only way we can execute a Transfer from my clients account without provoking an enquiry.

By way of expanciation, when Monies are transfered from a Bank to another bank in the excess of Ten thousand American Dollars the banks must report such transaction to the Apex Bank and if any of the parties whose itinerary is stated in the Bill of Transfer does not have clearance from the Government or is having such status as would ensure the money is siezed that transfer will be aborted, Terminated and the transfer fund will be confisticated, but if such transfer is done within the same bank the Bank MAY NOT such to the government Bank.

Thus, if you were to execute an agreement of Trusteeship with me and open an account with Standard Trust Bank, I will have my client wire the fund in his account into yours with the same bank and you will inturn wire the money to your oversea account in your country and hold the money in Trust under the terms of the agreement we will enter for a period that would not exceed four months.

And then you will transfer the fund to the Islamic Bank of Jordan where we are making arrangements to open a special account for my client.

For this role of been Trustee, you will recieve Ten percent of the Trust Property, which in this case will be represented by 4.5 Million USD (Four Million and Five Hundred thousand American Dollars).

This amount will be retrievable by you as soon as the money is Transferred from your account to be opened with Standard Trust Bank.

I will want you to appreciate the fact that we are yet unaquainted, thus in your response a brief profile of your self will certainly promote Trust on my side.

I will stop here hoping to recieve an earnest positive response from you, where as I will implore you to handle this matter with utmost confidentiality and sincerity, so that we can have many other profitable interaction in the near future.

I await your response.

Respectfully Yours.

Barrister Ini Dada. LL.M


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