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Gesendet: Freitag, 7. März 2003 02:25


My name is SIDI BAR from sierraleone, I am 21 years of age. my pareents died during the rebel attack in my city lungi.before the death of my dad,he was a succesfull business man who is into the sales of gold and diamond overseas.the sum of 19 million was deposited in a securitiy company in holland which he acuired from his sales, But right now as the senior son of my parents and also the next of kin i have the right to make claim or introduce someone to make claim of this funds on my behalf because of the fact that i cant stand and allow the holland goverment to know that i have such money with the security firm in thier country and also for the fact that i am a refugee i will not be allowed to handle such funds and if they know about it the funds might be confisticated.

Friends and uncles of my dad are surpose to be the ones to help me out of this but because they have betrayed the trust i laid on them by handling my parents wealth back in my country to the goverment inorder to get thier share which they really got living me and my younger brother with nothing,so i decided to seek for assistance abroad to help me out.This is why I am drafting you this mail to seek for your assistance in helping me to clear this fund abroad,i want you to be my beneficiary/represantative and also my inverstment manager so that you can help me make claims and as well invest this money for me. I have decided to give you 25% out of the total amount($19,000.000.00), .While the rest will be mine,which I plan to use in improving me and my younger brothers educational background. I also hope you can assist my younger brother to leave africa by getting him a visa to joim me over here after you have collected the money. I know this mail might come to you as a surprise , but I don'thave a choice and I want you to assist me by being my manager and also give us a good education which we couldn't afford since the death of our both parents. If you are ready to assist me, please get back to me as soon as you recieve this email and I will farword you with all the necessary information's and documents regarding this proposal. . I am soliciting for your asssistance towards helping me me transfer this fund (US$19,Million ) into your account for investment purpose possibly in your company. Alternatively 25% 0f the total amount shall be paid to you as commission for the assistance offerred to me and i shall reclame the remaining 75%.If you can render your assistance, please reply my mail through the followind addres or on the other hand send me your full name,tel and so that i can introduce you to the security as my beneficiary,after that you should then arrange your bank details and make preparation to meet me here, then we shall change/endorse necessary documents and have the money transferred into your account i shall then travel to your country and have our 75% relocated.

right now i am ficicially handicap and i was helped out of my country to holland by a Rev.father of a catholic church who knew exactly how things are going on with me in my country,i am seeking a refugee in holland,so please get back to me as soon as possible.

I am hoping to hear from you soon. Please do not let me down or turn away from me,I am begging you in Gods name.

waiting for your urgent response

Thank you and remain bles
you can as well contact me with the following addres you can call me for further information if you are interested,003-161-516-2155


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