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Von: kema anderson []
Gesendet: Dienstag, 28. Januar 2003 00:36


Kema Anderson (Mr.)
Kema Anderson & Co. Chambers

DEAR xxxxx,


Your contact was gathered from a director of World Trade Centre here in Nigeria and it is my sincere hope that you will not betray the trust, hope and confident reposed on you.

I am Barrister Kema Anderson, the personal aid on legal matters to our former dictator and head of state, late General Sanni Abacha (GCON).

If you have been following events in Nigeria especially during his tenure as the head of state, you will agree with me that he piloted the affairs of our nation with every amount of sturboness and oppression. Financial misappropriation and recklessness was the hallmark of his administration. But all is now history.

During his regime, he had the plan of transforming himself from a military leader to a civilian president. This he intended to achieve by resisting any opposition, as there were great opposition to that ambition by the people of Nigeria.

In an effort to achieve his desire and see his ambition through, he mapped out huge some of money to lobby and lure people to support him.

The judiciary then, was his greatest opposition. And to subdue them, he called me in confidence and promised to make me the attorney General of the Federation if I will support him and take care of the judiciary. To this end, he mapped out the sum of US$50m to be used in bribing any opposition.

Unfortunately this dream never came true as a result of his sudden death on June 8th, 1998.

When the present Government assumed duty, they started recovering all the Abacha loots. During this time I was tempted to say where this US$50m was lodged but on a second thought I kept mute.

Nobody knows about this fund not even his immediate family and as a result of this, coupled with the fact that most of the loots recovered by this present government was not declared to the people of Nigeria but rather was converted to personal use by the powers that be, I have decided to convert this funds for my personal use through your assistance. I hope you understand my reasons.

Everything needed to make you receive the money on my behalf and lodge it into your personal account for our sharing; would be provided and you will be rewarded with mouth watering share depending on the sharing ratio that we will agree upon.

Just the indication of your interest to assist me make this deal a success is what I need. Then I will detail you on how to achieve it. There is no iota of risk involved and there will be no trace after.

Please let me hear from you regarding this issue as I have no doubt in my mind about your ability to do this transaction with me. I count on you.

Awaiting your response.



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