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Datum: Di, 13. Mai 2003 13:43:46 Europe/Berlin
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My Dear
We wish to solicit your assistance to provide us with a solution to a money transfer. We are members of the special committee newly instituted in my country. Our duty is to review all contracts awarded to foreign firms/contractors.
It may interest you to know that most of the contracts awarded were over invoiced or inflated. One of such contracts has been identified. The said contract was originally executed by an Italian based firm (Straberg Italiano Spa) in (1996), to supply 250,000-monax turbine polypropylene plant sand 150,000 bpsd for a refinery, and Pipeline reconstruction and computer optimization for plants "A" to another refinery as as part of the measure taken to aid the turn around maintenance to recoup the almost collapsed refineries in my country.
The total amount approved by then for this projet was put at $125,000.000. 00M USD.
The actual amount used for executing the contract was estimated to be 86,000.000.00M USD, which has since been paid to the foreign contractor. The remaining $39,000.000.00M USD was inflated. The over inflated amount is lying in one of the country's apex bank escrow account, waiting to be dispatched to a designated bank account. More information shall be made known to you upon the positive confirmation from your good self that you are willing to assist us in the completion of the understated proposal. What we want from you now, is to provide a safe account where the inflated amount will be transferred. Secondly, we need the name of your choice company and address- Tel/fax numbers.
By doing so, your company will be created as artificial contractor and thus can lay claim to the inflated amount. My colleagues and I have agreed to compensate the owner of the account used for this transaction with 10% of the total amount remitted. We shall keep 80% and 10% will be reserved for taxes and other miscellaneous expenses. We intend to consummate this transaction within the shortest possible time based on your cooperation and support.
CHANCES: The chances of success is sure, and Besides, we have the support of colleagues from other renowned Government departments. Our chances of success are as good as gold. ADVICE: This project demands mutual support, commitment, and trust.
Therefore, we desire consistent and purposeful participation as we thread the part of greatness. Mutual trust is our beacon.
Endeavor to remain in steady contact and send me your personal phone and fax no for easier communication and further clarification. I honestly assure you that this transaction is 100%risk-free.


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